Kat Von D Lolita Review & Swatch

It’s taking me a while to get around to reviewing all the bits I got from New York, first up is the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. I had in mind that I was probably going to get one of Kat Von D’s Liquid lipsticks and I’m already regretting not picking up more.

I was interested in picking up Kat’s most popular shades Lolita or Lolita II, but was reserving choice until I got there and saw how the different colours sat on my skin so might have ended up picking up something completely different. However without even knowing what the name of the shades were as soon as I clocked eyes on Lolita and swatched it on my hand it went in my basket.


Lolita is a gorgeous deep brown nude with a hint of an orangey undertone in some lights, sounds unflattering – but I think that it really is a gorgeous shade that would suit just about everyone. This dries to be super matte, but it doesn’t feel uber drying on the lips, at least not for wear once or twice a week as I have been.


Whilst the packaging for these are absolutely stunning, rather than being tall and slender, I’d much rather they were in a stumpier and fatter tube. It makes it really difficult to apply with such a long wand, which reminds me of the same kind of problems I had with the MAC Vamplify glosses. You need such a steady hand to make sure you get a nice crisp, non wobbly line – with a colour which dries and locks into place straight away you can’t afford for mistakes – which makes touching up on the go a complete no go for me.


I also picked up another shade from Sephora’s own collection and length of wear wise, the Sephora one lasts significantly longer on the lips for me, I’m talking all day wear. This lasts through eating if it’s been relatively freshly applied, but if I apply it first thing in the morning for example, and come to eat at lunch it tends to break down. But the performance is by no mean bad, just not as good as others.




Despite the tube issue and the formula not being as good as others, that wouldn’t stop me from purchasing other shades to fill gaps in my growing Liquid Lipstick collection. By far the product I gravitate towards for lips now-a-days, I love their pigmentation and longevity.

I really hope the rumours are true and Kat Von D is coming to the UK soon. If not I can see an online order coming up over Spring to pick up some new shades for summer. I just wish the delivery from Sephora wasn’t so darn expensive.

Let me know your picks from the range if you’ve tried some so I can make a note for future purchases!


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      1. Usually that stuff is all over by the line for the registers — you know how they have little shelves that form the line? Those are stuffed full of mini sets, or deluxe sample versions of products they have the full-size for. That’s where I got my Benefit Porefessional and my UD setting spray!

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