Freedom ProStudio Brush Shower Review

Having a spot brush cleaner has become as essential as brushes in my collection. Call me lazy, call me gross – but I ain’t got time to properly clean my brushes every day, or often even every week. I fell in love with the Makeup Revolution Spot Brush Cleanser – but couldn’t get my hands on it in store recently so opted for their sister brand Freedom’s Pro Studio Brush Shower.


These are both the same at only £5 as Revolution’s but the bottle seems slightly smaller, don’t be fooled though – they’re both the same size. The bottle on makeup revolution is thicker and has rounded corners –  where as this is thinner and much more traditional bottle shaped.

Before Cleaning


After Cleaning


As you should be able to see the tips of the bristles aren’t quite as as white as they should be are are left with a tinge of the blush colour. So it doesn’t 100% clean your brushes and restore them to being fully clean. But for me this is good enough for a spot clean and doesn’t stop me going in with other colours on the brush. I think the Revolution one did a slightly better job of removing it all.

Unlike the Makeup Revolution version of this, which dries pretty much instantly, I don’t find that Freedom’s version does despite having had a good dry off on clean kitchen towel, to the eye it looks clean but as soon as you put it into a pan it leaves a watery mark in it’s path – which isn’t usually ideal.It’s almost like it has a slight residue left behind.

If I can’t get my hands on Makeup Revolutions, then I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up this one instead, but if I was choosing between the two – I think I’d go for Revolutions.

What are your favourite things to spot clean your brushes with?

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend! If you haven’t entered yet, there’s just under 1 week left to enter my giveaway – with some gorgeous items from Freedom Makeup included!


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7 thoughts on “Freedom ProStudio Brush Shower Review

  1. I’ve never tried the Revolution one – is it your favourite highstreet offering? I use the Beauty UK one at the moment and it’s actually pretty good 😃

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