Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Review

I’d eyed this up at Christmas when it first came into stores and I talked myself out of it at £66 it wasn’t that much cheaper than buying 3 Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes by themselves, but when I spotted this in my Boots at lunch, literally hidden at the back of the store for £25 I basically ran to the till.

The Real Techniques Bold Metal collection features 3 brushes, 2 of which are exclusive to the set, one of the things I was really drawn to with this set was the mix of brushes that I could see being really multiuse.

When it comes to face brushes especially I don’t have many options when it comes to multiples of the same thing. I’ve had one Blush brush for quite some time which really restricts me to just using one brush (I don’t wash my brushes everyday, there ain’t no way I got time to do that!).


Like all of the Bold Metals collection – and real techniques in general these brushes are superb quality and super soft. The only other brush that I have from the Bold Metals side is an angled liner brush, I wouldn’t have bought this if there was an angled liner in the normal line and I didn’t really get what the difference between the two was, I mean an angled liner, is pretty much an angled liner right – if it’s the right size/shape that’s all I’m really bothered about.


With these fluffier, substantial brushes I can see the difference between the two lines. Both are fine, both do the job – these feel really easy to use because of how they’re weighted, it somehow makes the job easier. They are as well the most beautiful brushes I’ve seen. One thing that was impossible to notice was how the brushes are tinted/ombre, this makes my eyes almost pop into that heart eyed emoji.


Angled Powder Brush
This is probably my favourite brush from the collection. It’s absolutely huge and is perfect for sweeping powder across my face quickly and easily. I could also see this being great for bronzing the face and even body in summer too.

Oval Shadow Brush
This is a very large brush for a shadow brush, it’s good for making sure the edges are super blended out and smooth. It’s not super fluffy, so it is also good for really defined highlighting, or blending out matt bronzer down the nose for example.

Tapered Blush Brush

Last but certainly not least is the tapered blush brush, I don’t have anything like this in my collection. Again another brush that’s good for multi-use, I’ve been using this for both highlighting and blush and it works well for both.



Like the other Real Techniques set I got, this came with a clutch bag too. This is pegged on the packaging as being great for traveling with your brushes, but putting these brushes inside the clutch, they get completely smushed and don’t fit well at all! As a clutch it’s not fantastic quality as you’d expect. It’s a nice touch but ultimately it’s something that will just collect dust for me.


If you can manage to pick these up, especially at this price, do! It’s a really diverse set that’s beautiful and worthy of just staring at!


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Helpless Whilst Drying


17 thoughts on “Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Review

  1. I’m desperate for these brushes but I have recently fallen in love with a new brand “spectrum collections” have you seen them? They are much softer than real techniques! Follow for follow ?


  2. Absolutely beautiful brushes. I’ve eyeing these for so long but I can’t bring myself to buy them. They’re definitely in with the gold and copper style that’s in right now. 🙂


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