REN Rosa Centiflora Micellar Water Review

Being compltely loyal to a Micellar Water that is so affordable and doesn’t cost the earth always makes me curious when I receive higher end ones to try out. I’ve tried everything from drugstore own brands at about (£1) all the way up to the likes of Bioderma at (was around £20 at the time). And settled on Garnier’s Micellar Waters – costing around the £3 mark. REN’s Rosa Centiflora Micellar Water sits somewhere in the middle at £13, but it’s still considerably more expensive than my go to – so when it arrived in January’s My Little Box – I was intrigued and excited to see if it held up any better than the rest.


As the name might suggest, this is a rose scented Micellar water. I’m a bit of a stickler for rose scents, my parent’s own a business which actually grows garden roses to sell – so having grown up surrounded by roses, if something has a fake rose scent – I’m turned off straight away. This is a authentic rose scent very botanical smelling and doesn’t offend my acquired rose nose. It does feel like a touch of luxury compared to other micellar waters, but that’s really where any differences between any other micellar waters stop.


This claims to be a 3-in-1 micellar water, looking up what those things are – cleanse, tone and remove makeup, so the same as any other micellar water, no? I think it removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling as clean as any other micellar water. I have found that it isn’t removing my Maybelline Lash Sensational very well, but as it’s getting older I am finding even with a ‘proper’ cleanser it’s becoming a bit more stubborn – and the Garnier one is equally starting to struggle.


Overall, if you want to treat yourself to a higher end Micellar water, than REN’s might be a good choice – providing you do like rose scents. Otherwise I’d stick to your faithful basics from Garnier, L’Oreal and Simple, other than the scent – there really is no difference.

What are your favourite Micellar Waters?


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