My Little Box February 2016 – My Little Home Box Unboxing

 This month has seen My Little Box have a homely makeover for the first time since being subscribed since they first opened their doors to the UK market with their ‘My Little Home Box‘. Something about it, right from clocking eyes on the box felt fresh and different to the other boxes, and I was excited to see what lay inside.


First off you’re greeted with the usual trademark My Little Box print, but this time – it’s in it’s very own frame. Very welcome for me as we have a gallery wall in our house that’s always in need of frames and lots of pictures taken in New York awaiting to have frames bought to be scattered across the house.



Secondly is a gorgeous graphic print cushion over, one side adorned with little triangles, the other with blue and white polka dots – this will go really well in my spare room where the colours are silvers, pinks and blues – so they couldn’t really have picked anything much better than this! A big thumbs up from me on the non beauty items in this months box.


Onto the beauty products…


Mitchell & Peach Body Cream (Sample Size – Worth Roughly £20)


I’ve heard of the brand Mitchell and Peach before but I’ve never tried anything from the range myself. In the scent ‘English Leaf’ a quick sniff of this is very strong – but nice it’s very leafy as the name suggests, and the description says ‘English Countryside’ which I’d agree with I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but it does remind me of a summer walk around the fields near my house and now has me longing for summer to arrive. I’d never buy a body cream which at full size is £36 – but I’m also perpetually kept ‘in stock’ by beauty boxes so it’s nice to have a generous size of a high end product.

NoxiDoxi Mask & Peel (Sample Size – Worth Approx £15)


Another name that I’m familar with but I’ve never crossed paths with myself – We all know I’m a big fan of Face Masks from my Face Mask Friday series, which hasn’t been around for a while as I’ve had a massive stash to get through – but we can make a comeback now I have a new one to try.Described as giving skin a wake up and a touch of extra glow – it’s a face scrub, and mask in one. Multipurpose products always have me curious so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

My Little Beauty Early Morning Skin Perfecting Cream – Full Size £10


Another pick me up skin product designed to give your skin all the hydration and illumination it needs in the morning to have you looking fresh faced and awakened. An added subtle shimmer to add to your illuminated glow leaves me intrigued to see whether this can get me looking alive on the mornings where it looks like I’ve not slept a wink in months.


Whilst I do like the look of everything, the box is starting to feel a bit cream heavy, considering there’s usually only 3 beauty items each month I’ve had 8 creams in the past 6 months. There’s only so many creams a girl can use My Little Box!

If you’ve been thinking of subscribing and want to see a roundup of every British My Little Box since it launched 18 months or so ago – check out my My Little Box Archive for links and pictures of everybox and it’s contents.


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Helpless Whilst Drying


6 thoughts on “My Little Box February 2016 – My Little Home Box Unboxing

  1. I loved the cushion cover, but I got the noxi doxi in the previous box and instead of the Mitchell and Peach I got yet another hand cream. I felt a bit disappointed with this box. xx


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