My Little Wish Box – January 2016 My Little Box Unboxing

Well here we are with the first My Little Box of 2016 – this month’s theme is wishing. When I heard of the theme and caught a sneak peek of the box design on instagram I was wishing that January’s box would be even better than Decembers (although that would have been a tough feat as I think that was my all time favourite!) – but sadly it didn’t quite steal the crown, but never the less I’m happy with this January pick me up!


Firstly I spotted the print – a step away from MLB’s usual print style which normally has a character on the front, but none the less I still like it – plus it feels very ‘new job appropriate’ – and this arrived a day before starting my new job and it was like a little blast of encouragement. ‘Yeahhh go get em’! I then spotted the Diary, which I love the copper writing on the mint pastel leathery cover – with lovely illustrations inside, I’ll be taking this to work with me as I have two diaries at home already which are already in  use – but I’m sure I’ll make use of it at work!



Next up was an odd little item – Jewellery – i use the term loosely as really they’re just ribbons designed to send to your friends near and far to show them you’re thinking about them in different situations. I like the idea – i just wish they looked like jewellery – not ribbons! There’s also one to keep for yourself on a mint cord with a little gold bar on it. Personally I can’t see me putting these to use, they’re not really ‘my thing’ but I’ll keep them aside, maybe keeping for blog giveaways in future!



Next onto the good stuff. the beauty items!

Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream – Full Size £12.99


I noticed the little bag with all the beauty items in was a little bulky this month and was curious to see what was inside. I pulled out the Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream – designed to smooth and de-tire the skin – perfect for January. I find it hard to really get excited by face creams, especially when I have a massive stash of them. But at least this is a) big enough to try properly – it’s full size and b) I have heard good things about the re-vamped Garnier creams, so here’s hoping it turns out to be good. When I finish off my face cream I’m currently using I’ll probably try this next.

Ren Rosa Centifolia Micellar Water – Sample Size Worth £4.25


Next up was the REN Micellar Water, Ren is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while – and again I’d probably not have chosen a Micellar Water -as I really don’t notice a difference between ones which are a few pounds, to ones which are £20. This one is a quarter  of a full size but enough to get at least a good couple  of weeks use from. Handy travel size for a few days away in NYC – so i’ll put this aside to take with me.

My Little Beauty Make A Wish Lip Balm – Full Size £7


A lovely moisturising little lip balm – I really like that this is in a lipstick type case – as I hate putting my fingers in a pot on the go – and even better when you’re chilly outside and wearing gloves – no need to get those fingers chilly! Again – another product that will be handy for my travels, it doesn’t really have a taste, but does have a nice slight almond scent.

All the products are pretty ‘neutral’ this month – it kind of feels a bit back to basics – but then again they’re products that will suit everybody, they just feel a little unexciting on first glance, but I can see myself getting good use out of them all.


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Helpless Whilst Drying


14 thoughts on “My Little Wish Box – January 2016 My Little Box Unboxing

  1. I cancelled my box, but my boyfriend gave me a subscription on Xmas for another 3 months. I decided not to fill in the questionnaire this time. I got a two faced melted lipstick instead of moisturiser. Not too fussed to have received two lip products in one box. In addition, why they always give you the brightest colours possible?? I am not sure whether I will ever be brave enough to wear it outside my house.
    I also got another December box (their subscription works weird)..

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  2. hey honey!
    I love your posts they are so well written!
    I was wondering if you would be able to have a quick look at my blog and give it a follow if you like it as I’m only just starting so its great to have feedback! 🙂
    Thank you so much! xx

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  3. Hello I’ve being reading your blog and checking out your reviews on the my little boxes and I’m really interested in subscribing. I just have one question and it is a bit random so I’m not sure if you will know the answer but are the items shown on this page the ones which are going to be in the next months box? It’s just I can’t remember seeing a box with these items in and if there in next months box I might just withhold purchasing for a month. Your reviews are great by the way! Super helpful 🙂


    1. No they don’t tend to tease the items anywhere occasionally they’ll tell the theme but nowadays they keep it all secret for the next month. I’m pretty sure that page has been the same since I signed up well over a year ago. Occasionally the French version of the box has different beauty items – and it’s been running much longer so it might be example images from the French box rather than the uk one! Any more questions let me know – happy to help 😀


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