Benefit They’re Real Lash Primer Review

Benefit is a brand which I desperately want to fall in love with, I know people who adore all aspects of Benefit and I’ve never got the hype, with every new release (and there’s often free samples in beauty boxes, or in magazines) – I hope to find the product that will make me go – ‘oh I get it now!’. And I was hoping that when this new launch turned up in my Birchbox it would be the one which was the turning point.


Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer is a forth addition the their uber successful They’re Real line. Designed to be worn alone for a natural look or pre mascara application of an amped up volumised look. I wish I had taken a picture of the box, but I’ve now stupidly thrown it away – but the before, with just primer and primer and they’re real mascara pictures did make me giggle – I’m pretty sure that the lashes don’t look any better than the normal they’re real mascara photos – so immediately I wasn’t sure what this product was bringing to the table.


I believe the wand is the same to the normal they’re real mascara wand – although I don’t have one to compare next to to see if it’s identical. The colour of the product is described as ‘mink’ but it’s a dark natural brown. Whether it’s because I naturally have very dark lashes but this just didn’t particularly look anything but black on me.

One thing I find is that the application of mascara after applying primer is that it doesn’t glide on very easily at all – I find that it’s almost a bit sticky and I have to take far more time over doing each eye than I would just using a couple of coats of mascara.


Can you guess which eye has the product and which doesn’t?


<- With Primer —— No Primer ->

I’ve tested this out on one day every day for a week, applying on one eye and not on the other and all bar one day I’ve asked my boyfriend which eye he thought looked better and he’s picked the one without the primer at all. We both felt that the lashes looked slightly more clumped than the other when I had the primer on, and whilst there was slightly more volume with the primer, I don’t think it’s anything which couldn’t be achieved with a second coat of mascara. For me, yes there is a slight difference, but for almost 20 I’m not sure this delivers enough for me to warrant the splurge.

So yet again, another disappointing Benefit launch for me! Let me know your benefit favourites if you’re a lover on Benefit!


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Helpless Whilst Drying


Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer Review


16 thoughts on “Benefit They’re Real Lash Primer Review

  1. I thought the one on the right was the one with the primer! I do love some Benefit products – Roller Lash and POREfessional as examples – but I completely agree with you, when I saw the release of the primer and the apparently comparative photos I didn’t get it at all. I’ve also seen photos of the primer on its own and it looks exactly like a normal mascara. I haven’t tried it but to me it seems like a completely pointless product! xx

    Kimberley //


  2. I’m not a big lover of benefit too however this month I’ve loved pairing the sample of this with a sample of Clinque High Impact Mascara, both duds on their own but together give beautiful light flutter lashes. Which really isn’t what either brand was going for lol xx


  3. I got this free with Elle Magazine a few months ago. I don’t mind the product and think it’s quite nice for days when I don’t want to have big lashes and go for a more natural look 🙂 however, I do find that after a while my lashes didn’t stay primed! Never mind though, I guess that’s why it’s just to use as an underneath layer 🙂 xxx

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