So about that spending ban/low buy…

If you’ve been around my blog over the last week or so I’ve been chatting about how I’m trying to cut my beauty spends to £25 a month. Well there’s been a major change of plan to that (no I’m not the lucky person who won the biggest ever lottery on Saturday night!)

It’s my boyfriends and I’s tenth anniversary and my birthday on the 1st of Feb and all of a sudden this week he’s started passing me mystery envelopes this week with all sorts of pictorial clues (which I may note, made absolutely no sense!). And Saturday night he then dropped the big answer. I’m going to New York in 3 weeks time! Eeek.


Needless to say that £25 spending goal at least for this month and next can be chucked out the window! Luckily I’ve only spent £15 so far, haha – like that would make a difference!

So here I am now creating my hitlist of products for efficient shopping as we’re only there for 3 and a bit days. Hello Sephora, Ulta and Target, I can’t wait to meet you.


If you’ve got any tips of things I should check out, drugstore or high end – preferably exclusive brands and products to that side of the pond – please please please let me know! Originally he told me earlier than he’d planned as he got over excited and couldn’t keep it in anymore – there was originally only going to be one week between us going and me finding out. I’m now going through my favourite youtubers and actually making the list of dream products I’ve watched them talk about for years!


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14 thoughts on “So about that spending ban/low buy…

  1. Hahaha! Yeah that £25 is going OUT the window. 😀
    I do have to warn you though – there really isn’t a Target anywhere close to NYC / Manhattan (not sure exactly where you’ll be staying). I’m not sure if you will get the time to trek out there.
    For sure there’s a Sephora – not sure about Ulta though. I think it’s across the river. However, you will have lots of drugstores around the city – Duane Reade is their main one.
    Hmm as for brands, I’m not really sure what UK has compared to the US…


    1. Ooh thanks for the tips, to be honest, Sephora is the big one for me – as long as I can get there I will be happy. Our hotel is one block from Empire State Building so we’re right in the centre of everything! I can live without target – any drugstore will do if I can check out covergirl, wet and wild and physicians formula in particular – think those are the big 3 which we can’t get.


  2. 100% you’ll find those 3 brands at any drugstore! 🙂
    My favourites from the 3 brands you mentioned:
    CoverGirl: LashBlast Volume (orange tube) and Clump Crusher (green tube), Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
    Wet n Wild: single eyeshadows in Brulee and Nutty, eyeshadow palette in Comfort Zone. People also rave about their lipsticks although I’ve never tried them
    Physicians Formula: Eye Booster eyeliner pen (this is my HG liquid liner of ANY brand / price point), Gel CreamLiners (these come in a stack of threes – awesome colour choices), Happy Booster blush in Warm (this brand is a bit pricier but hopefully you run into a sale – they regularly go on sale for 40% off)
    Hope that helps a bit! 🙂

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  3. Wow, what an amazing surprise! My boyfriend and I are going in May, our first ever visit to NYC. I’m so excited, and like you, I have also started writing lists of products I need to pick up! I’d love to know what else is on your list, and what else you’re particularly interested in finding there! xx


  4. I will definitely keep an eye out for those posts then! You both must be so excited, I hope you have a lovely time there, and I can’t wait to see what you got up to and of course those beauty buys! Have fun! Xx

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