Making My New Year’s Goals Achievable: How I’m Planning on Spending Less

If  you saw my Hello 2016 post you’ll know the main goal I want to get better at this year is spending less money, when I started blogging my goal was to help me talk about products I already had and review them which in turn would help me spend less. But over 2 years later – and an entire year of daily blogging, meant more products were needed to keep me going, which I have started to receive products for review, blogging just helped remind me how much I love beauty, and kept shopping for more.

At the end of 2015 I was subscribed to 3 beauty subscription services which in total cost me just under £40 a month. I’ve decided to strip that back to just one – My Little Box – which is £14.95 including delivery. That one whilst most expensive also gives me the most excitement each month, and out of all of them tends to have the highest quality brands, best sized samples and products I like trying the most.


The rest of my beauty spends I’m setting myself a budget of £25 a month – I’m hoping this will let me evaluate whether I really need to buy something – at the moment I’m planning on keeping a running total of what I’ve spent and how much I have left – with a round up post at the end of the month as to what I spent my money on. Any additional beauty boxes I might want to purchase as a one off have to come out of this £25. Any under-spends can be carried over to the next month (otherwise I will never be able to repurchase my favourite foundation for example), and any over spends have to be deducted from the next month/running total.

I’m not being completely harsh on myself, anything which is essential to my day to day life – such as shampoo/conditioner, cotton pads, deodorant – or if I needed a new pair of straighteners as mine catch fire are not. I’m not including any spends which I can make with Loyalty points, those are free – and should I get any money for my Birthday for example and want to spend that money on beauty purchases I can.


In July I’m going to Valencia for a hen party – If I don’t cross paths with a Sephora there I’m going to be mad! I’m specifically saving for this trip, for sephora and any other brands I come across whilst there. Spending at this point will be off limits, but hopefully within what I’d planned to spend/save!

You will see a haul go up this week which is a collective haul from December, and there is a Cohorted beauty box which will be going up shortly too, also bought in December, so ignore spends on those.

So what do you think of my goal – is £25 a month too high, too low or just right? So far I’ve spent £20.50 on gel base and topcoat – which I really needed as I have almost none left! So I’ve got £9.50 to last me until the end of the month – eek.

If you notice I’m overspending consistency, tell me off and keep me on track! If you have any goals I can help you keep on track with let me know.


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Helpless Whilst Drying



11 thoughts on “Making My New Year’s Goals Achievable: How I’m Planning on Spending Less

      1. I cancelled all monthly subscriptions, set a goals list of what is in the approved to purchase this yr, & have been trying to enjoy what I have more. No monetary goal, but think this will help me cut down. Thanks for asking. Have a great week.

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  1. I believe 25 pounds is just right to spend on beauty products. It’s not too much and not too little. I personally order the beauty boxes form and I am happy with the products there!! I ordered the Glamour Box, I only spent 19 pounds and everything I had in there is very good and still lasts me. Personally, I plan to spend the same on products . I am just asking myself ‘Do I really need this? Do I have something similar at home already?’ It’s not that I am not willing to try something new,but I prefer to do it after I finish the current product. Have a great 2016 ! 🙂


    1. Yes, that’s my kind of point to – if I can really justify something I’ll probably be happy to break my monthly budget – it’s not that I can’t afford to spend, it’s more whether I really need to spend it on something when I’ve probably got something perfectly similar in my drawer.
      Look Fantastic is one box which I’ve never bought, maybe one month I should splash my cash on that as I always see really good reviews of it! Have a great 2016 too!


  2. I think the amount is just right. It’s pretty incredible how the spending adds up. Makeup isn’t cheap, even the drugstore prices are creeping up!
    Looking forward to this low-buy journey. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the Cohorted box! 😀

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