Beauty #TBT – Glitter Gal Dark Purple – Swatch & Review

If you saw my Black Friday Nail Polish Direct haul a few weeks ago you would have seen that I splurged on a few new holographic polishes. That down to me re-discovering this little bottle in my collection about a month ago and my obsession with holographic nails was reborn! I was in love with this polish when I bought it 4 or 5 years ago and it’s worthy of a throwback post!


I don’t know much about the brand Glitter Gal- other than it’s an Australian brand, but I do know that this in terms of the size of the bottle was the most expensive Nail Polish that I’ve bought. I think it cost me in the region of £25 with delivery which considering it’s only 9ml (OPI 15ml) it’s quite pricey! Creatively Glitter Gal names this shade Dark Purple, but personally I don’t think it’s all that dark at all!


I think of this holo as a bright purple shade with an underlying pinky hue that makes the shade very girly, and unlike any other purple holo that I have. The holo inside it is non linear so it almost sparkles like a glitter rather than a solid shine that moves and shifts in a line. This applies very nicely and is featured here with a topcoat, which doesn’t diminish or affect the holo look as some times top coats can.

This applies nicely and glides on the nail with not a lot of effort at all. It is almost opaque in one coat, but just needs a second to increase the opacity and brightness of the colour. In terms of wear time it’s not bad, but it’s not brilliant – wearing for about 3-4 days before needing to be repainted.


Since wearing this and receiving the new colours from NPD I’ve not worn anything but holos and the trend from about 5 years ago is back on my nails for now!

Have you tried any polishes from Glitter Gal? Are you a holo lover?


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