Face Mask Friday #14 – Oz Naturals Amino Hydration Mask

I’m the first to admit the one step in my skincare routine I neglect more than any other is anything to do with having moisturising in the product description. With oily/combo skin – I never have a dry patch in sight – I always opt for skincare which helps balance oil helps clear out pores or reduce spots. Moisturising products always fall to the wayside in favour of those – especially when it comes to face masks.


When I saw the OZ Naturals moisturising mask come up as part of the reviewer programme of theirs I am apart of – I became curious as to what difference a moisturising mask would make to my skin type.


The Amino Herbal Moisturising Mask as it’s fully known by contains rose hip oil, amino acids and pro vitamin b5 – all formulated together to provide anti-aging properties, keep skin hydrated and looking more youthful. Like all OZ naturals products it’s natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free and in this case also gluten free.


With a light herbal scent this feels not overpowering whilst still being relaxing – like the ultimate spa like experience for a facial at home – with the same kind of results I would expect from a facial too… The texture of this is a milky gel which feels cooling and soothing as applied to the skin with no colour to it what so ever, within 5 – 10 minutes it dries to being quite matte and your skin just looks “normal” so in terms of postman friendliness this scores 10/10. I was flawed just how hydrated my skin felt considering I always think of my skin as hydrated – it felt plumper, softer and smoother. My makeup swooped on so effortlessly the morning after applying, I felt like a new woman! I’ve used this once a week for the past 3 weeks and I’m officially a moisturising mask convert. Whilst this isn’t really cheap – this is far more cost efficient compared to those 99p sachets which offer next to nothing for your skin.


If you have dry skin I’d recommend giving this a go – I’m going to try and find a friend with dry skin and see how they get on with it – I’ll update with their experiences when I find someone else to give it a go. Yet again this is another fab product from OZ Naturals – I always look forward to my next pick arriving, and I’m building up quite a collection of OZ Naturals skincare which is becoming my “go tos” for when I have specific skin problems.


Whilst I am apart of their reviewer program – that’s for Amazon only and I’m under no obligation to review them for my blog, but they are a brand and product which deserve more spoken about and excited to try each new item that I’ve chosen each time – as I know there is a good chance I will fall in love with them.

What are your favourite types of face masks?


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