Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

I was really happy when I received the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara recently, as the UK’s current best selling mascara I was curious as to what it had to offer, especially as I’m normally someone who takes a liking for ones which are more on the pricey side, and at only around the £6 mark – I was hoping it would be one which could turn my love for high end into a thing of the past.


I’ve now had this for about a month, which I think is the right length of time to test, a mascara definitely isn’t the same on day 1 as it is on day 30 (which I say all the time I know!) . Lash Sensational has a curved rubber wand, and again that’s not the normal type of mascara I gravitate towards, with a normal love for traditional bristled wands! The wand is designed to be first used with the curve fitting against your lashes to help capture even the smallest lashes – with a second coat then being turned so the curve reflects against the lashes to add volume and length. Personally I don’t like this approach, I find it clumsy and more messy ending up with mascara all over my eye shadow – and the results are no different as to if I just used the other side of a brush for a quick second coat.


Between coats I do find you have to pretty much go in for a second one straight away – leaving it a minute between tends to make the lashes start sticking together at the ends – a look which isn’t the best. It doesn’t however seem to clump at all, it’s lengthening and separating – it does add volume but not as much as I normally like – plus it doesn’t budge through the day with no transferring or flaking.


Overall, I do like it – but I don’t love it, compared to my favourite Too Faced Better than Sex, it adds more volume, length, doesn’t clump or flake. If you don’t like spending a lot of money in a mascara then I would thoroughly recommend – personally I don’t mind spending £15/£20 on a product which will last me 3 or so months and I’ll really love over one that I’ll just like – but I know that’s not for everyone, especially in terms of mascara!

Are you a high end or a drug store mascara lover? Let me know your favourites!

You can find this on the Boots’ website here if you are interested in giving it a try for yourself.

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24 thoughts on “Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

  1. I am a drugstore mascara person only because it does cost a LOT more where I come from to repurchase a higher end mascara, again, like you said, for something that lasts 3-6 months; not justified! But hey, we can always agree to disagree right? 🙂 I am actually waiting for a good discount to purchase this mascara…


    1. I think it depends how you look at it, I could definitely get by with drugstore mascara – but I would rather love it than like it. It’s the same with everything for me though, if I love the drugstore version that’s great – but if I’m not satisfied I don’t mind spending more. Mascara is the one thing that I will wear every day – so I think its justified to spend more to get what i love!

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  2. I bought this recently and it’s in my queue! I generally really like Maybelline mascaras – they just work well for me.

    You barely need mascara at all, though! :p Lucky! Haha!


  3. I really loved this mascara!! It just seemed to dry out really fast and not last as long but otherwise I just adored it! I have the Too Faced mascara as well and I feel like that brush is too big for my eyes. I always get mascara on my lids with it. I love the formula though but I have to be really careful when using that one. xo

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  4. I don’t like most Maybelline mascaras – for some reason they do not agree with me – they flake and smudge on me. BUT I received this mascara in a swap and I’m excited to give it a try – I am encouraged by the ribber bristles – I hope I like it!

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