Bed Head Elasticate Conditioner Review

When the big warehouse close to where I work started advertising they were selling discounted salon size bottles of TIGI shampoo and conditioners, I got myself round there in lunch time pretty sharpish – unfortunately they didn’t have my favourite TIGI Catwalk Honey and Oatmeal scent – but I managed to get my hands on the Catwalk Your Highness set to help boost volume, and Bed Head Elasticate Conditioner to help with breakage and increase strength.

I’ve said a few times recently in my empties that I had really been struggling with it (pre cut and colour last week), it was knotted, tangled and I was having to brush and tug so hard that I was seeing lots and lots of breakage. Nothing I was doing was getting it under control properly so when I saw this for £3.99 I thought it was got to be worth a try.


I’ve been using this more like a hair mask rather than a conditioner, using this every other time I washed my hair – I slapped a big dollop of this on my mid lengths and ends and left on for 10 minutes whilst sitting on the shower floor (how I like to relax!). I’ve been using this pre having it cut and coloured as well as continuing after and I’ve been really quite impressed.

In terms of consistency I find it really odd, it holds its shape and isn’t a thin or watery one, but it doesn’t feel thick or heavy either. This helped me brush through my ends easier whilst in the shower, which is where I’ve found it easier to get most of the knots out as well as after it being towel dried before blowdrying. Pretty much immediately since starting using this with every other wash I noticed way less damage too and my hair was looking better already – to the point where before having it cut people were asking if I had already had my hair done as it looked better!

1 week post haircut now, my hair is a lot more manageable and I’m finding it so much easier to style, blowdry, wash and importantly brush through – whilst not completely down to this, I think given how bad my hair was before cutting it’s still aiding it. My hair also had a heavy dose of bleach in the hairdressers and I was expecting to start seeing some breakage through the week, but I’ve barely lost a single hair.


Overall I’m really impressed and I’m going to go back to the warehouse and see if I can get at least one if not 2 back ups – at £3.99, it’s a darn site cheaper than feelunique who sell it for over £12!

Do you suffer with bad breakage and tangling? if so let me know what you do to stop it or at least help slightly!


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6 thoughts on “Bed Head Elasticate Conditioner Review

  1. My hair tangles super easily, especially if the ends are starting to dry out. I finally got my hair trimmed after 5 1/2 months, and surprisingly while the ends were dry, there were very little split ends. I think that not using heat on my hair for months (no flat iron, no curling iron and no hair dryer) really helped, as well as conditioning the ends evert time I wash my hair really helped a lot. 🙂

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  2. Such a great deal! This sounds like a miracle conditioner! I was having problems with my hair being so tangly as well after I had used bleach but after getting my ends cut off I don’t have as much trouble. These types of hair products are a life saver as well! 🙂 xo

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