Maybelline The Nudes – Eyeshadow Palette Review

I promised a further look at the Maybelline The Nudes palette following my ‘Maybelline Makeup Bag Makeover‘ and here is that post. It’s another brand jumping on the “naked” eyeshadow trend – and had I of not of won this, it’s never something I would have tried (as with most of the things within that post.


The Nudes is an affordable drugstore option – it’s priced at £9.99 so it’s significantly cheaper than Urban Decay or the Balms offerings but not as cheap as Makeup Revolution’s. It’s not trying to be a dupe that I know of of any other similar higher end palettes. but it does remind me of TheBalm’s Nude Tude with it’s mix of tones and shades.


This palette has 4 finishes, matte, shimmer, metallic and glitter – according to the website. I like the fact that there is a mix of tones with some golds, and bronzes rather than being all pure brown shades – whilst still sticking in the brown spectrum.

The palette starts to get a bit hit and miss when you look at the texture and formula of each of the shades. The 2 black matte shade in particular is awful, I’m really not sure how that passed quality control tests in comparison with the rest of the palette, I’ve tried using this and it’s not impossible to create a wearable look but it’s not easy to blend or work with. The other matte shades are a little chalky – and are no where near as buttery as Makeup Revolution, Urban Decay or the Balm, but they are very workable – and especially the cool matte shade on the top makes a particularly nice crease colour. The last shade which isn’t great is the shimmery white, it’s a bit chalky and powdery – when you swatch it out it appears like it would be the perfect inner corner highlight, which it would be if it didn’t take too much blending. The other shades are easily blendable and swatch well  – the metallic shades making up the best of the bunch.

Top Row Swatches Left to Right 


Bottom Row Swatches Left To Right


Look 1 – Every Day “Go To”




First going in with the top light brown shade in the crease with a fluffy brush, next using the gold shade all over the lid then going into the outer corner and crease with the darker brown matte shade to deepen up the crease. Lastly under the eye I bring the gold shade from the inner corner and the dark brown shade from the outer corner with a small rigid brush (like in the picture above) and running the colours over one another in the middle to blend together

 Eye Look 2 – Light but Smokey




Using the pale matte shade sweep all over the lid, then going in with the lighter brown matte shade across the crease, then using some of the darker brown towards the outer corner. To just add a smidge of a darker smokiness I added black to the outer corner and blended it very well. Under by bottom lashes towards the outer edge I used a little of the darker and lighter matte brown shades mixed together joining to the outer corner to make the eye have a little more of a sultry look – whilst still being very wearable.

Eye Look 3 – Bronzey

maybelline-the-nudes-review maybelline-the-nudes


First use the light matte shade across the eye socket to create a transition colour to start, then using the bronze shade across most of the lid leaving the inner corner and outer corner free. Then go in with the lightest shade in the inner corner, bringing right around to the lower lash inner corner matching at the same point. Then going heavily with the dark matte brown on the outer corner, blending together all the shades as you go – next bringing that down to the outer bottom lash line. Finally finishing with the bronze shade on the lower lash line in the centre and blending the light champagne colour and the dark colours together.

Discluding the very disappointing black shade (someone must have got fired for that), this palette is good, I have been using it a lot since receiving it, (mainly because I’ve kept aiming to photograph different looks and keep forgetting before I leave for work!). That being said if you’re in the market for an affordable  neutral palette this wouldn’t be the one I’d recommend, especially if you have Makeup Revolution easily accessible. I’ll bang on about their Iconic palettes (dupes for the Naked’s) 100 times if needed, but the quality of those is in my opinion identical to Urban Decays and are easy to work with, I got rid of my naked palette in favour of theirs as it’s a fraction of the price at only £4, which is over 50% cheaper than this one too!


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Helpless Whilst Drying


26 thoughts on “Maybelline The Nudes – Eyeshadow Palette Review

  1. I was looking at this palette the other day and was very very impressed with the shade of gold they’ve included. It’s a rare shade of a gorgeous gold, how do you think it fairs on the skin though?


  2. Oh don’t get me started on those amazing makeup rev iconic palettes. Such amazing quality at a ridiculous price 🙂 I am only missing one and I will pick that up soon 😀
    xx Anne


      1. I’ll keep an eye out for you – if I spot it between now and then I’ll let you know! It’s because they’re so cheap that postage seems pointless for just one item! I want some stuff from freedom too and that’s the same – shame they’re not on the same site to order!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks!! I agree, it is only worth ordering an entire box of goodies. It would be so great if you could order from both at the same store, the freedom stuff also looks lovely!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Maybelline eye shadows generally get a thumbs down from me. I find they’re no better than dollar store shadows most of the time! Even THEY can do metallics well. You were able to achieve a really nice look with this though!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Do check out my Instagram (link on my blog), the palette has individual shade names! You can copy them down for future references instead of repeatedly attaching the picture with indication for which shades you used… 🙂 Hopefully more readers will get to know it as well…

    Liked by 1 person

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