Lush & Mini Superdrug Haul

It was a dangerous request when my boyfriend asked me to go to the big shopping centre near where I work after work on Friday and pick him up a new contact lens, as the shop I needed was the opposite end to parking which meant about 100 shops of temptation in between my car and where I needed to be!  But I managed to keep myself quite restrained as I walked through 


I went in to see if they had the new makeup revolution dupe for the urban decay smokey palette but they hadn’t got it in yet, but the whole store had been given a facelift in the makeup department since I last went in 2 weeks ago, everything was so nicely arranged and presented, plus they had even added a new stand from my current makeup brand favourite TheBalm! Makeup was on 3 for 2 so of course that meant getting 3 things!

TheBalm Schwing Eyeliner – £13.50TheBalm-Schwing-Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one area where I don’t rally step away from the product I love and try new things, Maybelline’s gel eyeliner has been my favoured one of choice for 3 years I’d say now – back in my teenage years I loved these flexible nibbled felt tip liners from Loreal, and this reminded me a lot of that. It has a very precise small nib and I’ve heard great things about it so decided to give it a go.

Maybelline Dr Rescue CC Base Coat – £3.99Maybelline-Dr-Rescue-CC-Base-Coat

I’ve not been getting on very well with my Essie Base coat over the past few weeks so decided to get my hands on this as I’d been trying for a while. I really loved the dr rescue topcoat I tried from Maybelline so I’m hoping the base coat from the same line will become a new favourite too!

Revlon Liquid Quick Dry – £5.99Revlon-Liquid-Quick-Dry

Since getting back from holiday I’ve been less and less bothered about doing my nails, for some reason I just can’t be bothered with them at the moment and if they take any longer than 4 minutes to dry… I’m out! I’ve tried products like this in the past and never got on brilliantly, I do like this is a brush rather than a dropper, it promises to help dry polish fast and leave a glossy finish – I’ll report back on this.


if ypuve been around for a while youll know that i want to love lush but always find it really hard to get on board with their products. i really surprised myself when i walked out of the shop with a massive bag – as i was only intending to have a quick peek at their chrostmas range!

Reindeer Rock Soap Sample – FreeReindeer-Rock-Soap

The man who was serving me in lush said they’d made a bit of an error in store and cut slices of soap too small to sell, so offered me a sample of their Reindeer Rock. This is like a hint of Christmas with a berry scent and a hint of spicyness – it’s the not OTT side of lush! Already in my bathroom awaiting trial!

Intergalactic Bath Bomb – £3.95Intergalactic-Bath-Bomb

I’ve been wanting to try this one blue I know just how pretty it looks as its exploding in the tub! Whilst from their core line – this does have a festive feel smelling of sweet peppermint which just reminds me of candy canes, especially when placed with all of these!

Butterbear – £1.95Butterbear

A smaller version of their year round butterball, which unlike most of Lush’s bath bombs is packed with cocoa butter so has benefits to the skin rather than just looking and smelling pretty!  I’ve tried this befor and liked it over any others because it “does something”. It does show that you are really paying for considering how cheap this is to others!

Father Christmas Bath Bomb – £3.65Father-Christmas-Bath-Bomb

I don’t know what’s in this, but I think it might be dog crack – my pooch is obsessed with this! I can’t pin down exactly what this smells like, but it’s sweet without being sickly – kind of Parma violet or a sherbet type smell. I can already seeing this one cracking slightly – and it looks like it will be green inside!

Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar – £4.95Five-Gold-Rings-Bubble-Bar

I really liked that this was 5 individual pieces, the texture of these feels and looks quite buttery so I’m hoping they’ll provide some kind of nourishment along side bubbles. Proceed with caution with these, that gold transfers so quickly! These are quite a neutral warm vanilla smell nothing too obscene!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar – £5.25Magic-Wand-Bubble-Bar

One of the reasons I went in was for their cinnamon scented wand, but I didn’t really like it – these were placed at the tip and if it’s neon I’m immediately drawn to pick it up, the man told me this was their classic snow fairy scent in bubble bar form and its reusable up to 4 times, I’ve actually really enjoyed the similar flamingo I picked up in September – and I think this is slightly bigger than that and so far I’ve used that twice and probably have one or two uses left, so I think this should do at least 4.

Charity Pot – £1 Charity-Pot-

A little hand and body cream sample, other than the fact it was for charity and I felt guilty when being asked if I wanted to donate a pound and saying no, I wouldn’t have got this otherwise! I’ve been struggling with hangnails recently and where the skin is healing it’s very dry, I’ll see if keeping this in my hand bag helps repair them back to their former glory.

That’s it’s! Have you splurged on Lushes Christmas range?  Are there any items you’re interested in seeing reviewed here?


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Helpless Whilst Drying



13 thoughts on “Lush & Mini Superdrug Haul

      1. Oh right! I thought Superdrug stocked all of their products but I guess they must have some exclusive to their own website?
        – Also, can’t wait for black Friday sales! 😀


      1. Oh my father does that as well! He always grumbles if mom and I go into what he calls the smelly shop but is very upset if we don’t get his favorite soap 😉 xxx


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