Tanya Burr Duvet Day Nail Polish – Swatch & Review

I usually avoid putting up 2 nail polish posts so close together,  but with the nights and mornings having lack of light it means that I’m really struggling to photograph anything with its true colours in the morning and evening, leaving it up to my iPhone to be able to snap things at work during the day. This weekend is going to be dedicated to photographing as much as I possibly can to see me through the next few weeks of blogging as I’m away at my sisters house. So a busy weekend ahead for me!


Anyway, back to the point – I’ve tried a couple of polishes from the Tanya Burr range before it was reformulated, I didn’t love either of the two, both have been used once for my review and are now collecting dust at the back of my ‘reviewed’ cupboard. So welcome the reformulated, repackaged line from Tanya which launched back in September.


When I placed a feel unique order, I decided to pick up Tanya Burr Duvet Day to see if anything had changed beyond the packaging. The packaging is much nicer than it was before, with a gold lid with heart detail on the top (which like the butter London polishes reveals a less square and chunky lid underneath) with gold writing on the front. The formula leaves a lot to be desired and is very thin and streaky, needing 3-4 coats to get a nice even application. The accent nail here is Orly’s Explosion of Fun, more on that in future no doubt!


I want to tell you that I love Duvet Day, I think the shade is quite unique it’s a grey with a slightly warm beige undertone to it – but it is a grey, rather than a uber tredy greige. I’ve not been having the best luck since getting back from holiday and trying to make my way through my untrieds with formulas being more disappointing than usual (which is turning my new love of gel to be even more desiring), and this one is no exception for disappointment. I’ve wore this 4 times and similarly to most others this has major chipping problems, The finish by itself is nice and glossy, so I decided not to wear with a topcoat (but of course a base coat) and the results below are after a day (doing pretty much nothing around the house).

Excuse the horrible colour from the office light, crappy phone shot and the lawn mower cut on my cuticle – but please “admire” the disgusting chipping.

With a topcoat it does fair better, lasting about 3 days after a coat of Seche Vite, however – no polish should be as bad as this under a day, especially when if you’re launching a range as Tanya has done and her viewership is largely younger people with a limited budget, I think your product should be good enough to last on the nails for at least a weekend

Have you tried Tanya’s line? Did you like or dislike the new range?


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17 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Duvet Day Nail Polish – Swatch & Review

    1. I read your review I remember, but thought when I was buying it that I couldn’t remember reading anyones reviews, it was only when it arrived that I was like, Oh crap I remember Lucie didn’t love this! Other than the Zoella hand cream, Fleur’s Lipgloss, and of course real techniques I’ve not liked anything I’ve tried 😦

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      1. The one I reviewed this week is no different to MAC ones I bought from Duty free – same texture, smell and pigmentation, and actually if anything I prefer Fleur’s more, it’s not a good product because it becomes from a youtuber, it’s a good product regardless, which I think is quite rare given how much I’ve been trying from youtuber’s ranges recently!

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      2. Thank you ☺️ I’ve read reviews on products before that have been like “this is a hand cream and I really like it because I like zoella”. I like supporting the community but also I think they have to be good as it’s what they do day in day out, and asking swarms of loyal you get fans to buy their lines when the product is pants is terrible 😳

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