Fleur De Force Written in the Stars – Swatch & Review

A few weeks ago I picked up Written in the Stars from Fleur De Force’s new range at FeelUnique, I have a well publicised love of Fleur, I love her videos and out of everyone I watch she is the most relatable to me – beyond her youtube career and regular worldwide jetsetting, her english countryside life, with her dogs and her husband reminds me very much of her own.


I must admit with other products from Youtuber’s own ranges being largely disappointing when it comes to makeup, I didn’t have high hopes for this as much as I wanted to love it. But boy was I wrong, when I was on holiday I picked up 2 Vamplify glosses from MAC, I said in my review of those that I’m not a big lipgloss wearer and I knew I would get infrequent wear out of them – day to day I’m a lipstick girl. Since this arrived about 3 weeks ago I would say 4 out of 5 days a week (weekends are for testing and photographing new products), I have worn this.

The packaging of this is basic but nice, with metallic pewter chrome lid and writing it doesn’t look or feel cheap – although I am surprised she didn’t opt for rose gold given her obsession with the shade!


It is the perfect wearable rosey nude and reminds me of a gloss version of MAC Brave, it has the same easy wearability. In terms of pigmentation and how long a wear it gives, I honestly can’t tell the difference between this and the MAC Vamplify formulation – if this had been in the MAC packages I wouldn’t have been disappointed with it at all, and of course it’s a fraction of the cost. This has the same kind of texture, and for a non gloss wearer, I’m becoming a convert, it does of course have a tackiness to it, but doesn’t have the feeling that you’re attempting to prize your lips apart after being coated with superglue.


Whilst I like those MAC shades, I kind of regret buying them now, as I think I even like this a little bit more because the wands on those were so long they were more difficult to sweep on the lips and get a precise line, this I can apply without even looking. It wears away gracefully after about 2-3 hours with no patchiness as it wears off. I can tell I’ll be going back to get some more of these soon, I’m already compiling my list of ones I like, but I am almost tempted to get them all, which is unheard of for me to be THAT in love with a product.


Have you tried Fleur’s line? If so what shades would you recommend?


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14 thoughts on “Fleur De Force Written in the Stars – Swatch & Review

  1. Trust Fleur to actually have DECENT products – she’s the most levelheaded out of the bunch of them. We all know she doesn’t need the money, so she’s really doing this for the passion. This shade looks fantastic and I can see how opaque and smooth the formula is!

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