A England The Blessed Damozel – Swatch and Review

A England’s The Blessed Damozel is the last of my a England polishes from a nail polish direct haul back in July. I’ve tried this polish put a few times since buying it but haven’t actually got around to photographing it or reviewing it now, which isn’t a bad thing as it feels suited to the cool autumnal weather we’re having. 

The Blessed Damozel ever since arriving has reminded me of my all time favourite polish, OPI Ink. It has the same deep metallic shine, where OPI Ink is a navy with a purple hue, The Blessed Damozel is purple with navy undertones. Ink has a slight shimmery micro-glitter where as B.D is odeon a muted chrome. They’re not identical, but the pair aren’t completely dissimilar to one another.


The pigmentation of this is amazing, it’s a one coater which applies like a dream – gliding on the nail completely smooth. It has a semi matte fi ish which isn’t my favourite, but which isn’t unattractive either. Having that kind of finish means your nails needs to be well buffed and treated as it highlights any imperfections.  a-england-blessed-damozel-swatch

The reason I haven’t managed to review this until now is that swatches have proved impossible to get as it chips so damn quickly. With a base coat and no topcoat this lasts just 24 hours before large chunks start chipping off and bad tip wear appearing in a matter of hours. With an added coat of Seche Vite wear is extended to about 3 days. Considering other polishes from the range having a wear time of a week such as the Tristam and Captive Goddess.


Adding an extra coat of polish, with or without a topcoat does nothing to help increase how long my mani lasted.

This colour looked more unique online, and is the kind of colour I think you could just about find 3 similar colours for in every drugstore. Given the formula is not the the best and A England are up there in terms of price, I’d give this one a skip and pick something more unique from the line.

What are your favourite A England shades?


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