Bleach London Silver Shampoo Review

After returning from holiday my Ombre was looking rather sorry for itself. The once perfect blonde shade that wasn’t too white, wasn’t too golden but sat perfectly balanced in the middle had been ruined my chlorine from the pool and not remembering to . The colour had gone quite dark and any blonde tones in it were looking quite brassy.


It was when I was coming to prep my halloween costume, and was going as Beetlejuice that I decided to try and sort it out quickly. Hoping to achieve silvery/grey hair with a product I had remembered hearing about but never tried, Bleach London Silver Shampoo.

Now unfortunately, this didn’t turn my hair silver, and whilst I was living in vein hope it might work. However in terms of colour correcting my blonde this has worked wonders. Within a week of using this every time I washed my hair (every other day), my hair was back to looking like it was freshly coloured, to the point where people were starting to ask me if I had actually dyed it again.

This foams up nicely, and rather than being silver is a blue/violet or purple shampoo, whichever you like to call it! After I’ve really worked it through my lengths I leave it on between 2 and 5 minutes. Unlike some others I have used in the past where leaving it on for a long time can actually leave a bit of tint to your hair, I’ve had no such blue hues left behind.


In my empties I had the John Freida Go Blonder Shampoo, which I have used for years. It’s a product which helps lighten the hair and does help with brassiness, but using it for a week would be impossible as it contains a mild bleach which really dries out the hair after a few uses in a short space of time. This has no such side-effects, and now the shampoo has worked it’s magic I’m now just reusing it once a week to keep the brassiness at bay.


My only criticism of this is that the formula is slightly runny, it’s easy to get pour too much out with such a wide opening, it feels like it could either do with a pump or the formula making a little thicker as considering I’m only using it on about a third of my hair and have only had it about 3 weeks, it’s almost a third empty already – I find it just drips out of my hand as I’m trying to turn it to apply it.


I’ve tried Bleach London dyes before and they haven’t been my favourites (A purple hair dye turned purple, blue then green within 2 weeks, and the green was impossible to shift!), but this is the star product from the range for me.

Have you tried this? What are your favourite shampoos for keeping your hair colour in check?


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11 thoughts on “Bleach London Silver Shampoo Review

  1. This sounds like a great product. Those violet shampoos work wonders: I have never tried this but love the lush version of it (can’t recall what it is called, but you can’t miss it since it is purple 😉

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  2. I like you caught that shot of it pouring out of the bottle – especially given that it’s so runny! I have dark brown hair so no need for purple shampoo to combat brassiness, but this sounds like a good product for those who need it!

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  3. I really like this product, I use it every week on my hair and it keeps my hair the nice ashy tone that I like. I also really like the Touch of Silver purple shampoo. I think the scent is amazing and it’s even cheaper than the Bleach one. You should definitely give that a try too if you like this one! xxx

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  4. Hi, do you just use the shampoo on your ombré or use it as a regular shampoo? My hair is becoming really brassy I have similar hair colour to you so I am hoping this product works!


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