Orly Steal the Spotlight – Swatch and Review

I’m mesmerised by sparkly things – a little Orly Duo caught my eye in TK Maxx a few weeks and I couldn’t say no – mainly because of this colour! I mean look at it! I’m not very clued up Orly – but an online search shows that it was from last years holiday ‘Sparkle’ collection.


Orly Steal the Spotlight is a gorgeous bright teal microglitter that edges more on the side of blue, with a chunkier mid pink hex glitter which is scattered through it. The formulation isn’t brilliant – needing 3 thin coats to get it to be opaque, it does take a little while to dry but for a gorgeous and unique colour like this I can cope. It has a semi matte finish and need a topcoat to bring back the sparkle otherwise it looks totally lacklustre. But as you can see it’s completely gorgeous with a topcoat and has had many compliments.


The downside? It doesn’t last very long at all – with a tendency to just flick off completely in one whole piece after a day means you don’t get to enjoy this rare gem very much before your mani is ruined.  Whilst I haven’t tried this yet, I can imagine this might work better with 2 coats over a similar coloured cream base to help it last a longer than it has done for me.



I’ve not tried too many Orly polishes as they’re not the easiest brand to get hold of here in the UK- only reviewing 2 others on my blog thus far. I’ve found them completely hit and miss! If you’ve got any Orly recommendations (or ones to completely avoid…) please let me know in the comments below!


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7 thoughts on “Orly Steal the Spotlight – Swatch and Review

  1. It’s really nice in the bottle but it has a thin formula! I like this type of colour, like turquoise, sea colour! I haven’t tried many Orlys but I’d suggest Orly Confetti, a sheer pink. It’s really good for everyday!

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  2. Oh that is too bad! It’s looks so gorgeous! I have had good luck with Orlys, but I’ve never tried a glitter formula from them. Perhaps you could try a different base or top coat? Such a shame.


    1. I only have the Essie base in at the moment and that hasn’t failed me yet, have tried it with 2 different topcoats, and between gel base/top – lasted a few days longer but still came off way quicker than expected! I don’t have any creams from them only shimmers and glitters, and it seems to be a 50/50 split as to whether they last well or not!


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