Zoella Wonder Hand Review

I’ve been tempted by Zoella’s beauty line a few times over the past year, I’m not a massive fan of her per se – but I do occassionally watch her videos. But walking past her range in Superdrug, I can’t help but stop and sniff! It smells lovely and reminds me very much of that lush type scent – but the range has always felt a bit limited. With a small selection containing your basics such as body lotion (which I always have plenty in stock thanks to beauty boxes) and bath products (I’m not a big bath lover either). So when Zoella Wonder Hand  was added to the line, I had it on my shopping list straight away to get my hands on one at the earliest opportunity..


Firstly, lets talk packaging – the fact that this arrived in it’s own little box was a nice touch considering the product is so affordable – it was sealed on both ends – and my guess is that they’ve done that to stop swarms of teens opening them in stores. But never the less for £5 on a very generous sized tube is nice, and the quality speaks of much more expensive brands. Inside a muted rose gold tube again makes this feel much more luxe than you’d guess for the price.


I like 2 types of hand creams, ones for my handbag and ones for my bedside table. This definately is the latter as it’s way too big to carry around in my handbag – which is actually good as I really needed something larger as I’ve been steaming through my smaller ones and haven’t had any left for my handbag!


You only need a tiny pea sized amount of this which is enough to do both hands. When first applied this thick cream does have a slight stickiness, but it fades after a minute or two, something which doesn’t bother me at all – especially as I’m using it as a bedside product. I’ve been really putting my hands to the test the past 2 weeks, with DIY, gardening, the big autumn house clean and lots of other things which are generally unfriendly on my hands – and thanks to a little dab of this at night they’ve shown no sides of being battered or dry. The scent in this is more muted than expected – it has the scent of her original core collection – but it’s not completely in your face, but is still noticeable.


If they were to introduce a smaller sized bottle I’d get one straight away to put into my handbag too.

What are your favourite hand creams?


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20 thoughts on “Zoella Wonder Hand Review

  1. I have been wanting to try a few of Zoellas products out of extreme curiosity (I’m not a huge fan but I do like her) but I haven’t done it yet. I could see myself trying this as my first one though – and the packaging is adorable.


  2. Thank you for your review! I’ve been waiting a while for someone to review this as I’ve been wanting to try it out. I knew that because it’s a Zoella Beauty Line product that it wouldn’t let me down at all. But I would’ve liked to know the contents and how it felt on this skin and this described it perfectly. Thanks!

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  3. Yeah I’m not a massive fan of Zoella – I can only tolerate her in small doses. I liked her slightly better when she was filming out of her bedroom at her parents’ house.
    That’s quite a cute packaging on this hand cream! She should come out with a smaller purse size version.

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  4. I didn’t even know Zoella had a line! I like her when she does videos alone, but her vlogs are a bit much for me. Also she’s geared to the younger crowd and I’ll be 32 soon lol but I do enjoy her hair/makeup. 🙂

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