The Body Shop Sale Haul

UPDATE: I posted this yesterday, whilst out I went to grab a picture to put on instagram and realised I clearly had scheduled the post without before I pressed save after adding the images! So here’s an improved picture, so you can see what I’m talking about this time. What an idiot!

When I saw someone post on twitter that there was a 50% off Body Shop Haul on, and an extra voucher code which gave you another 40% off, I was there in a flash. I’ve never been a body shop lover, but I’ve been trying more and more over the past 3 or 4 months and have been adding more things to try every time I’ve been back to my local outlet.

Virgin Mojito Scrub – £6.50 (With Extra 40% Off = £3.90)


The first thing I wanted to see if was in the sale was the Virgin Mojito line – this was limited edition over the summer. I wanted it, but didn’t want to spend full price on the line as my local body shop is an outlet – I begrudge spending more simply because of the scent! This smells as delicious as what I hoped it was going to. I’m out of body scrub and it’s gone straight in my shower!

Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet – £5 (With Extra 40% Off = £3)


I’m really glad I managed to get this too. This is a moisturiser that’s more of a gel formulation and would have been perfect to take on holiday as it has a cooling effect on the skin when applied.

Smoky Poppy Body Butter – £6.50 (With Extra 40% Off = £3.90)


Body Butters is what springs to mind when I think of the Body Shop and they’re a product which I’ve never really got into. I don’t have dry skin and become really lazy when it comes to moisturising, but I thought – no – I will make an effort to try this product which everyone else seems to love! This is a very warm peppery scent, I don’t love it – but don’t hate it either. Given it worked out at about £10 cheaper than their core line for the same size, I can get on board.

Vineyard Peach Body Mist – £4 (With Extra 40% Off = £2.10)


I had the shower gel of this and really liked the scent and recently finished a victoria’s secret body spray which was peach scented which I really enjoyed layering with other fragrances. O was planning on getting more of those when I went on holiday as there was a victoria’s secret at the airport, but there was only 2 fragrances which I liked on the shelf – which meant I couldn’t take opportunity with the 5 for £30 offer – so hopefully this will tie me over until I manage to get my hands on the real deal again.

Frosted Cranberry Bath Jelly – £3 (With Extra 40% Off = £1.80)


Perfect for coming into christmas time with this festive scent.  This is a massive little tub with a handy wooden scoop to get the product into the bath. I’m not massive on baths, and whilst I love the idea of lush products the thought of spending so much per bath on a product which just looks and smells nice makes me want to cry – this is such a big tub for such a small amount!

Soft Hands Kind Heart Handcream – £2 (With Extra 40% Off = £1.20)


I seem to have acquired 5 other hand creams in the space of me ordering these to them arriving so they’ve gone in my recently created ‘spares box’ to keep all the clutter out of the drawers. These will get used easily within the next few months, and whilst they’re a little bigger than I normally like to carry in my handbag they can fit for that too.

Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation – £5 (With Extra 40% Off = £3)


It seems like The Body Shop are discontinuing this foundation, which is a shame as I’ve heard good reviews of it and it had to be on my to try list. Hopefully I don’t fall in love with this as I don’t think I’ll be able to get it again – unless maybe they’re reformulating or repackaging and it will be back soon! I took a gamble at a shade, and actually I think I could have picked a perfect one for me right now!

Colourglide Lipstick – £2 (With Extra 40% Off = £1.20)


This is in the shade rose quartz and is a gorgeous rosey nude shade. The pigmentation is quite sheer and glossy – but can be built up to a brighter colour. It is a nice balmy moisturising formula that’s good for every day. Again another product which seems to be being discontinued.

Did you indulge in the body shop sale? What are your favourite items from there?


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Helpless Whilst Drying


16 thoughts on “The Body Shop Sale Haul

  1. I managed to show restrain this time waiting until January when mores in the sale and then its just insane. But I’ve ordered a few bits as including the rose quartz lipstick. Heads up on the foundation as I’ve tried them in the past, if you’ve got dry skin thoroughly moisturise before as it can cling to dry patches xx


    1. I’ve not tried too much from there, but often think things seem a little overpriced for what they are – I can’t imagine paying £14 for a body butter. Luckily my local one is an outlet so 3 or more items is 40% off on top of already discounted prices which means I don’t ever pay full price! x


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