MAC Viva Glam V Swatch and Review

MAC Viva Glam V is easily my most neglected MAC lipstick from my collection, I think I’ve always written it off as I bought it as part of a set as part of the Tartan Collection, and in all honesty, I bought the set because I wanted the pouch that came with it! But it was only when I actually dug it out for this post and looked at the swatches up close that I’ve become fascinating by the colour.


In the bullet when I look at this I think man that must be unflattering, I look at it like a frosty sparkle lipstick that my mum wears, despite me telling her it doesn’t look nice (jeez mum!), But more fool me for neglecting this for so long as it’s anything but unflattering.


Described on the website as a Neutral pink with pearl  in the Lustre formulation, the pearl shine in this is golden and adds a luminosity to the lips which makes them look utterly juicy and like you’ve slavered them in a balm after you’ve applied a colour. The feeling on the lips is quite hard to describe it’s not super smooth feeling, it’s almost a little dry whilst it never actually makes them become dry.


MAC-viva-glam-v-review-swatch-lipstick  mac-viva-glam-v-swatch

Since digging this out and taking these pictures almost a month ago (yes I’ve been lazy in getting this post up!) this has become a firm favourite in my handbag!

If you need more reason to justify this then as it’s apart of the Viva Glam range it means that the cost of the lipstick goes to charity. So basically, if you want to be charitable, buy a viva glam lipstick and get a reward for being so lovely!

Have you got Viva Glam V? What are your favourites from the Viva Glam line?


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5 thoughts on “MAC Viva Glam V Swatch and Review

  1. I don’t own any MAC Viva Glams and V has been recommended to me most. It looks the most wearable out of all the ones available! And oh yes I remember that Tartan collection – I have the tin from the pigment set. 🙂

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  2. Okay so I feel like I’ve become a bit of a historical post stalker on this blog today but I’m loving your mac lipstick posts! They are all ones I don’t own but seeing them on you they look lovely! Love the posts! 🙂 xxx


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