Nubar Jewel – Swatch & Review

Nubar Jewel has laid pretty unloved in my collection for approximately 2 years now. I remember when I received it I tried it, hated it – and threw it to the back of the pile. Although now rediscovering it, I really can not remember for what reason I was disappointed.


Now I don’t know what kind of Jewels Nubar had their eye on when naming this polish. It’s pretty much as far away from any Jewel colour I’ve seen. The base of this is a milk chocolatey brown, with a holographic glitter running through it.


The holographic glitter which runs through it isn’t over the top or completely obvious. I feel as if the combination almost doesn’t quite match for some reason, but in the same breath I think that’s kind of why I now like it. The glitter in this does have a texture, but it’s quite smooth, it’s pictured here without a topcoat as I didn’t feel like it needed one for any reason. I did test one one nail to see if the holo effect was made more obvious with a topcoat, but nope, it looked pretty much the same.


Wear time without topcoat was pretty good at 4 days, but when it goes downhill and chips it does chip so quickly. It goes from looking perfect in the morning to a chipped hot mess disaster in one office day.  I’ve wore this 2 or 3 times over the past 6 weeks, and despite the quick downwards spiral of chips – I think I will wear this in autumn another couple of times at least.

I’ve only got one other Nubar polish ‘Petunia Sparkle’ which I’ve previously reviewed, if you have any Nubar recommendations please let me know! It’s not the easiest brand to get a hold of in the UK – and isn’t widely spoken about, but I would love to try out some more if you have any recommendations.

What are your favourite Autumn nail colours?


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3 thoughts on “Nubar Jewel – Swatch & Review

  1. Hey 🙂

    That is such a pretty, autumnal colour!
    It actually looks a bit matte, but with glitter, which is so interesting.

    Lovely post. 🙂

    Have a nice day!



  2. I had Jewel on my wish list but for some reason I removed it… I think the holographic shimmer didn’t appear strong enough for my liking or something? Or it was less beige and more brown than I was hoping for? I might still get it eventually though.
    From that same collection that Jewel is from (Prism Collection) I have Gem and Spark:

    I just LOVE nudes with shimmers… I have too many.

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