Essie Leave No Trace Polish Remover

After a casual stroll around Boots about a month ago, I decided to take a look at the Essie stand. It’s not very often that I look past the limited edition colours which are at the top of the stand, but saw some items placed right at the bottom which I had definitely no ever paid attention to. Meet the supposed answer to glitter nail polish removal – Essie Leave No Trace.


I love a glitter polish – but they seem to go one way or another. Chip quickly or last for ever, when they fall into the latter category they can be a right pain in the butt to remove, as we all know. So anything claiming to make the process easier has to be worth a try right?

It stinks more than any other polish remover I’ve ever used, as soon as you remover the cap the smell really does hit you! The consistency of this is quite runny and messy, imagine an exfoliator for your nails, this is essentially what this is – it has quite a fine gritty texture. Personally I found it best to apply this over a sink to stop it dripping on carpets/furniture. I dabbed a little on each nail and as instructed left on for 30 seconds, before using a cotton pad in a circular motion to buff away the polish.


Leave No Trace does work, but it’s certainly not perfect. I found that I had to repeat the process 3 times . It does make the job easier, but considering this was £6 – I can see if you use glitter polish regularly, that you’d burn through this quite quickly especially as you do get waste as you go from it being a little bit too runny.

Personally I found it better to soak with a normal nail polish remover for about 30 seconds, get as much of the excess off – and use this to follow up to remove the stubborn traces of glitter that sometimes just won’t budge off – or is wedged close to the cuticles.

I like this, I’ll use it – but I don’t think it’s worth the money.

Have you tried Leave No Trace? What are your favourite ways to remove glitter polish?


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6 thoughts on “Essie Leave No Trace Polish Remover

  1. LOL! At first glance, I thought the remover contained glitter! “Oh!” I thought, “How cute!” But then, “Wait. What’s the point?”

    Seriously though, I feel your pain, Rachel. Adore glitter; despise removal. I use pure acetone to remove mine. I’ve found that it just saves me the headache of having to repeat the process over and over … and still end up picking at the final pieces to get them off.


  2. Great review! I had no idea this product existed and the main reason I don’t use glitter polish is because of how annoying it is to remove. Too bad it wasn’t the miracle product that I had hoped for 😞


  3. Butter London, Glitter Scrubbers. One sachet does both hands most of the time – even the tough pixie dust holographic – I once had to use two but I had three coats of metallic then three coats of holographic pixie dust on top!


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