Sally Hansen Gel Glisten Up! – Swatch & Review

The first of my new Gel polishes from my recent haul. Meet Sally Hansen Glisten Up!  I bought my sensationail gel kit a year ago and it’s barely been used – the kit it came with came with 2 polishes and I’ve never been a fan of either of them all that much, and I’ve never got around to investigating what brands are the best.


Glisten Up! is a beautiful colour, I’m not a big black wearer – and have never reviewed a single black polish on my blog. In general I love black nails but not so much on me. I find that it’s too harsh on my skin and I feel a bit witchy wearing it. This is just off black – a deep charcoal grey, packed with silver glitter too it takes the edge off it being such a dark colour. Amongst all the silver sparkle there’s also chunkier flecks of pink, blue, green and an orangey-gold. It’s really quite unusual. It’s been admired quite a lot, and has been described as everything as looking like sparkly granite to looking like a galaxy.


It’s pictured here after a week of wearing, there was wear to my tips (I did forget to cap them). It’s kind of impossible for me at this point in my gel knowledge to know whether the base/topcoat I got with my kit is any good and I’m still perfecting my technique, and noticed it pooling on some nails a little on the edges of my nails from applying too much, and where this has happened it has chipped off (side of thumb below for example). Other than that it’s still not showing any signs of budging yet and I think this will be on my nails pretty much up until I take it off this weekend to get ready for my holiday in a weeks time!

I’ll be checking out Sally Hansen for more of their gel polishes, I really love the look of this, it applied so easily and smoothly – it was also very affordable at £3.99.




Do you DIY home gel? What are your favourite brands?


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10 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Gel Glisten Up! – Swatch & Review

  1. I have a gel touch which works as a gel top coat on any nail varnish and transforms it into gel (requires led). It doesn’t last as long as having normal gel, 7-10 days (bear in mind that I’ve only tried it twice with no experience), but on a plus side it does not damage the nails as you don’t have to file them and removal is much easier. It’s cheaper as well as I can use all ordinary varnishes. It was ~£8 on groupon, Amazon sells it for about £15.

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    1. I have done the same thing before of using a normal polish between gel base and top coats, other than it looks slightly nicer than a normal topcoat, I find I can get about 7 days with a normal polish with a good topcoat and base coat, so never really sure it’s worth the effort! X


    1. I know, I’m now 10 days in and still not a chip in sight! I’ve had my gel kit for about a year and have only used it about 3 times before this – I am becoming a convert after this though (not good news for the other 200 normal polishes in my collection!) Particularly practical for when I’m having a busy week at work and really cant be bothered to redo my nails when I get home! x


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