Essie Lots of Lux – Swatch & Review

When I was ordering my sisters birthday present online I made a sideline for a quick browse of the nail polishes. I kept myself VERY restrained given they had Essie polishes for just £2.49 so I only ordered one!


I remember the name of this polish being out but clearly was never attracted to it in store – this polish was from the Encrusted Treasure Collection which is also the collection from one of my all time favourite polishes, and my favourite ever Essie polish ‘On a Silver Platter‘ came from. Essie Lots of Lux in the bottle looks almost like a blue/almost navy shimmer, but as I was googling swatches before I bought I knew that wouldn’t be the case. It falls somewhere between being a bright and a dark blue, where it’s enough not to be too much of a wallflower and you do notice a bright(ish) flash of colour, oh and it’s absolutely packed with glitter.


This is a dream Essie formulation, pictured here with just 1 coat this is very thick, but dries quite quickly and the finish is quite matte. Not my favourite finish – especially when it comes to glitters – mainly because it has that uber sandpaper finish. It’s pictured here with my new favourite topcoat Maybelline Dr Rescue, which I was at the time counting the drops out as I couldn’t find it in stock anywhere, so I was struggling to get a nice thick and even finish.


The glitter sparkles in the light and shows micro flecks of multi-tonal blues and metallics which lift the glitter from feeling too flat. I found it lasted a good 4 days on the nail before some chips started to appear (and probably would have lasted longer had I been able to get a more even layer of topcoat on – but it was mainly just wear to the tips.


But you guessed it, it’s a total horror to apply with normal nail varnish remover, this requires so much scrubbing to remove. I used with my new Essie Leave No Trace, which a separate review will be coming up on in a few days, I’ll save my thoughts on that for then!

What are you favourite glitters?


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