Pink Parcel August 2015 – Review & Unboxing

After receiving my first pink parcel last month, I decided to keep on with the service for another month to decide whether or not to keep it going or not.  pink-parcel-august-2015

For those who don’t know, Pink Parcel is designed as a pick me up arriving just before “that time of the month” – containing all you need sanitary wise for night and day, as well as beauty and food treats to offer a treat whilst you might be feeling your worst. If you’re interested in the full details see last months post, but I’ll just be jumping into the ‘for you’ parcel of goodies.



La Vie Del Te Tisana Energy


No Idea what this is, it looks like it might be quite nutty which isn’t my thing, so might give this to someone at work or my boyfriend to try instead.

Jealous Sweets in Wild Cherries


Little gummy cherry sweets, I did open this packet not expecting to like these too much as I don’t love cherries and I was right. Packaging is super quick, but I passed these again to my boyfriend and he gobbled up the packet pretty quickly, so I think it got a thumbs up from one of us at least!

Fudge Kitchen Fudge dipped in White Chocolate


Another unlucky food item for me as I don’t like Fudge. Again something my Boyfriend was happy to see after we have visited the Fudge Kitchen on two separate occasions over the past year and he’s fell in love with some of their flavours. He’s never tried one of their ‘sticks before’ and I’m sure the verdict will be good!

L’Occitaine Immortelle Miracle Water


I was expecting this to be a Micellar water – but I had to google this as it had no description at all! This is infact a toner to remove any last traces of make up. I gave this a quick try last night and it does do a really good job of properly cleaning the skin, but it does sting around the eyes a little. I love L’Occitane products in general, but never buy them for myself so was happy to see this.

L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil


Another L’Occitane sample made me happy again! This smells AMAZING, I haven’t actually used it yet, but just lifting the lid off is enough to make the whole room smell. I imagine this will be in my empties by the end of the month as I can already tell that I won’t be able to stop using this. As I’m writing I’m eagerly waiting jumping in the shower so I can try

Bellapierre Lipstick in Mandarina


Who knows why I didn’t twist the tube out in this picture (sigh). Swatch and picture are at the end though, this is a bright orange red, I wouldn’t say that it’s quite as orangey as the swatch on the cardboard packaging suggests. I did grumble a little as I saw this as I’ve had a Bellapierre lipstick in a past Glossybox, which was dry and chalky and not a very nice shade. This has really nice pigmentation and I think it will be nice and moisturising. Looking forward to trying.

L’Oreal Glam Bronze Wild Instinct Bronzer




I can’t work out if this is horrendous or beautiful. I love the orangey copper packaging, but the metallic tiger stripes are putting me off a little! I didn’t realise until I opened that it flipped up to reveal a mirror and a brush (which isn’t actually too bad for on the go). The metallic stripes are sprayed on, which makes the first layer virtually un-usuable (as I found through swatching below). The ‘real’ product is sparkly and a little orange and not really my favourite – but I will hold full judgement as I haven’t actually tried it on my face yet. The pigmentation and formulation is good, it applied smoothly – I just wish it would have been matte as I would have got a lot more use out of it overall, but it might take me by surprise yet!

 Beauty Product Swatches



This will be the last box I will receive for a while, my bathroom is overflowing with sanitary products now, having already had some from before subscribing and finding that I got more than enough last month means that with this months box – I have enough to keep me going for at least 3 months, possibly more!

I do like this subscription, but for me personally I don’t know that I like the gimmick that surrounds it enough. Last month offered fantastic value for money, and I don’t think this one quite matched that, I like what I have received, and have no grumbles with it, but if I take away the period aspect which I’m not too into (especially as this time it got delivered to my neighbours house, and didn’t get put through my letterbox even though it did fit!).

If there was a particularly good product month in the future I may consider resubscribing just for that reason, but for now – this isn’t a subscription completely suited for me.


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Helpless Whilst Drying


9 thoughts on “Pink Parcel August 2015 – Review & Unboxing

  1. I’m not a fan of cherry flavour either. I also don’t like white chocolate (it’s not even chocolate!)
    I have a sample of that L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil – I need to try it! I bet it smells heavily (I don’t want to like it though because then I’ll become a slave to it!)
    Heh, I guess it’s a gimmick but at least it was unique enough to attract you! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The L’Occitane products seem really good, nice to try as its not a brand you’d just drop money on for no reason due to the price range.

    I’m never sure about this box, I like the mix of sweet treats and beauty but when I see posts the months seem to be so hit and miss. Also my mum works in a school where they get free tampons/pads and she brings them home regularly as the students don’t tend to use them. I have enough tampax compax to last another 4 months at least, also the cost of these boxes vs going out and buying the sanitary items yourself doesn’t add up. I just think you’d be better with a beauty subscription and if you wanted a period treat just wait til then to open it if you get what i mean? Also then you get a pure beauty box, and just persuade your boyfriend to go to the shop and buy a giant cadbury bar to help you through you’re period 😉


    1. Me neither, I said in my first Box review that it pandas to the idea that women all become massive bitches and need ounces of chocolate on their period – personally that’s not me at all, I don’t see any change in my personality!

      2 Packs of Pads will generally last me two 2-3 months and I will tend to buy them when they’re on offer, so if I take away the few pounds that that costs, I don’t think I get enough value out of the box compared to others like Love Me Beauty and My Little Box! I like the L’Occitiane products this month, but because they’re so small I haven’t got the value from it and I’m not too bothered about the other products in the box – I don’t mind them but not bothered either way! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No it probably isn’t value for money and it doesn’t suit everyone, Love Me Beauty and My Little Box look way better as I’ve seen from you’re previous posts so just leave this one. It’s a dud as a box, worth trying and you’ll get the use out a few of the items but probably not a long term thing. xxx


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