The Melt Crowd – August 2015 Unboxing

I’ve been waiting for this to arrive since the start of July, and did a little hop and a skip when it landed on my doorstep at the end of last week. You’ll know if you saw my ‘Jo Malone on a Budget’ post that I might have a small obsession with candles.


The Melt Crowd is a relatively new subscription service from Flamingo candles. Having spotted their candles in a shop in Greenwich last month I knew I was going to be happy after I had smelt one or two of their selection. The packaging on this is lovely, coming in a handy sized box that will slide through your letterbox with ease.


Each month you receive 8 soy wax melts which have been lovingly poured within the UK. With your first box you receive a pretty melt burner too, to burn your new monthly post on. Each melt has a burn time of around about 30 hours, so at £10 for the box (including P&P) this offers fabulous value for money.


Within your selection of 8 melts (which are chosen for their seasonality – great idea!), there are 2 of the melts which are exclusive to the box and can’t be purchased in a full candle form.



This month featured Kir Royale Cocktail, Circus Doughnuts, Ginger & Lime, Fresh Cotton, Green Apples, Champagne and Strawberries, Pomegranate Cider & Dahlia.


It was like making Sophy’s Choice on which to pick first to burn – and I opted for Kir Royale Cocktail as my first (I think it was the shiny packaging – Total Magpie). And initially I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t really smell anything (although my boyfriend assured me it did smell heavily) after leaving the room to go for a shower for 10 minutes and coming back in the room, it definitely did smell. I’ve started burning strawberries and champagne in another room since and that was very noticeable from the start.


 The box also includes a 20% off voucher to spend on Flamingo candles if you wanted to buy full sizes of your favourites new scents.


I’m going to see where I am towards the end of the month with these, but I think I’m going to struggle getting through an entire box by the end of the month – possibly more as the winter months draw in and I burn many candles at the same time. But I think this might be something I resubscribe to every other month!

What do you think of this subscription?


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10 thoughts on “The Melt Crowd – August 2015 Unboxing

  1. I’ve had my eye on this subscription for a while. I am complete fanatic when it comes to candles n melts. However I would struggle to get through them all in a month. X

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  2. These look amazing Rachael – I’m candle obsessed so will DEFINITELY be checking these out huni, so glad you shared this!!!!! Love brill wee blog finds like this, very awesome indeed 😀 Karen xo


      1. Ooooooooh I’m sold Rachael!!!!! 😀 Gotta have it huni – Ginger & Lime sounds absolutely incredible!! Can’t wait to give these a go 😉 XXX


    1. I know right – I’ve had this for about a week and have lit the same one every night so far and it’s still stinking the room out (in a good way 😉 ) I’ve managed to find a second burner tonight too which I’m burning Ginger and Lime in the kitchen and the whole house smells AMAZING! xxx

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