TK Maxx Haul (Again!)

I popped into a TK Maxx which is only 10 minutes away from my house which I didn’t know was there until a few months ago. My first pop into store was pretty successful for some beauty bargains!


Essie – Sittin’ Pretty £2.99

A past polish from a LE Essie collection, I remember eyeing this at the time of it coming out. I can’t get enough of these bright lilacs for summer (even though I haven’t worn many this year at all!). I picked this up whilst I still could for a mere £2.99.

Illamasqua Nail Polishes – in Prosperity and Purity

These were in the clearance section for just £1.99 each that I couldn’t not put them in my bag. My first and only experience with Illamasqua polishes (also via TK Maxx) was amazing so thought I would grab a few more while I had a chance. They had lots of colours in the clearance but I kept myself restrained to just 2 that were a bit more unusual.

Purity is a very washed out peach. Had a little sticker on it saying it won a Temptalia award, I love her blog and is always the first place to stop off for lusting over new collections. I don’t have anything which is washed out as this in a peachy shade – which doesn’t fall too close to nude.

 Prosperity interestingly has a matte cap, so I’m thinking it’s going to be a matte polish. If i had known this I wouldn’t have got it as I’m not a fan of matte polishes, but the tiny window at the front only showed the colour, which is a rich bright royal purple.

Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Hair Mask – £2.99


Believe it or not, I don’t actually have any hair masks in my collection at the moment. Not even an samples so decided to pick this up, I’ve had a hit and miss relationship with organic surge,  but here’s hoping this is a hit!

Elite Models Konjac Sponge – £2.99


I really don’t know much about Konjac sponges at all – and have never seen them in the UK so just thought, yeah – i’ll throw that it. I think it’s meant to be a cleansing sponge, but I’m really not sure. A review will fill you in once I’ve had chance to play with for a week or so!

Korres Body Milk in Iris / Lily of The Valley / Cotton- £4.99


Probably the lengthiest title of a body product! I know you won’t believe this but I’m almost out of Body lotions in my stash! I don’t have any full sized products (apart from ones which came with perfumed which can be heavy when you’re off to bed). I really enjoyed the vanilla plum body milk from Korres I had in the past so picked this up too!

M* 3 Bin Storage – £6.99


I picked these up to start reorganising the drawers in my vanity, currently i have some cutlery organisers from IKEA which the slots are so small they’re not really fit for purpose. Annoyingly these don’t quite fit in side by side, but because they have rubber feet on the bottom they don’t slide about in the drawer, and I can almost create a slot in the middle. With a rubber base on the inside it helps product sliding too so hopefully everything will stay relatively organised! I’m going to go back and try and get another set or two at the weekend as I really like them (and any leftovers will be useful in the kitchen!) I’ve already started re-organising


That’s it! What do you think of my picks?


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Helpless Whilst Drying


14 thoughts on “TK Maxx Haul (Again!)

  1. So funny! I got the same 2 Illamasqua ones the other day! Yes Prosperity is a matte polish 😦 im also a bit disappointed too but still a bargain! That Essie one is absolutely stunning i will have to keep my eyes open for that!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I extended it through August since I’m going to Canada in September and I figured I should save up for that. It was originally only July so I would be almost done by now but I’m gonna keep testing myself! xx


    1. The home and beauty sections are normally relatively well organised (go early in the morning) – I’ve managed to pick up Burberry, OPI, Essie and Illumasqua, Ciate, Nails Inc, I’ve also seen but never purchased from but seen color club sets in the past which is good because you can’t normally get them. I can’t stand the clothing section – too hard to find anything! xx


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