Nail Polish Direct Haul – A England & China Glaze

Way back in May I featured a load of A England polishes in a beauty lust list – the one in particular I wanted from the 5 I featured was out of stock. So when finally 2 months down the line I got a notification saying it was back in, I went to order straight away.

Nail Polish Direct is a fantastic place to pick up polishes at a fraction of the price that they are anywhere else – also if you’re looking for past limited edition polishes (and are suspicious of eBay, as I often am) it’s a great place to have a look. NPD is also one of the few places you can get your hands on Zoya in the UK, I have raved enough about them now, but a great site you should check out.

nail-polish-direct-haul-a-england-china-glaze-reviewA England: Captive Goddess, Dragon, The Blessed Damozel & Tristam (£6.95)

There was another polish ‘Virgin Queen’ which was in my original lust list, I decided I wanted to keep my order under £40 – so decided to save that one for later, as I think it’s most like others in my collection. I’ve only tried one nail polish from A England before (Princess Sabra) and the formulation was fantastic, getting more have been on my hit list since!

Dragon – Deep Green Holo    |    Tristam – Navy Holo    |    Captive Goddess – Blue/Lilac Duo Chrome Holo    |    The Blessed Damozel – Navy/Purple depending on light it looks like one or the other (reminds me of a brighter purple OPI Ink)

China Glaze: Liquid Crystal (£2.95)

Spotted as I had a quick look through China Glaze as they were priced so cheaply, I have a love/hate relationship with CG. I find their holos & glitters last really well but their cream and shimmers don’t hold up so well. I actually don’t have anything in this colour in a glitter formulation like this. This is quite similar to captive goddess, it’s a icy blue with a red duochrome shift with holo glitter.

You’ll be seeing reviews of all of these coming up, if there’s any in particular you want to see eagerly, let me know – because I’m having trouble deciding which to use first.


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Helpless Whilst Drying


15 thoughts on “Nail Polish Direct Haul – A England & China Glaze

  1. Oooh look at all those shimmery goodies – can’t wait to see your swatches and reviews on them! I only have one A England polish (in Fated Prince, a dark grey olive holographic, which I received as a gift) and I definitely want MORE.


  2. My order of three full sized China Glaze polishes all of which were from the latest collection – Electric Nights and my mini OPI Hawaii set came to just over 21, it is an understatement to say I am pleased.


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