Jo Malone Candles… On a budget?

I really can’t help myself when it comes to candles, I have an incessant need to purchase them. I’ve done well for the past few months not stock piling any, but when I did my food shop last Saturday, I couldn’t resist splurging on a few from Sainsbury’s.


I would love to go crazy and purchase lots of candles from Jo Malone and similar high ends brands, other than gifts I’ve never bought anything more expensive than Yankee Candle, because I do kind of begrudge paying £40+ on something which you literally burn to nothing. I even have a candle my mum got me for christmas from Orla Keily… 2 years ago, that I can’t bear to burn! So when I spotted these knowing they would be similar to some I had known about from Jo Malone and Diptique. I snapped a few of them up, and they’re lovely summery fragrances too.

Featured in a haul a few weeks ago, I got a selection of items in Sainsburys that were all half price (Sainsburys is a UK Supermarket), 36 Tealights for £1.75, a small candle for £2, and a large candle for £4, and the reed diffusers reduced to £6.


Of course these won’t burn as well as Jo Malone, and they won’t fill your whole house with fragrance. But if like me, you only light a candle when you’re sat on the sofa – or glued to a position, filling your whole house isn’t really necessary. I’ve been lighting the Tomato leaf for the past few weeks and has been on for 2-4 hours per night and is burning really well, with loads still left to burn down.

So whilst the scent isn’t exactly the same – Tomato Leaf is similar to Jo Malone’s Green Tomato Leaf, Sweet Basil and Cilantro smells a lot to me like Coriander from Diptique (my friend has it so it’s very familiar). Whilst there’s nothing that I can directly compare Japanese garden to – it has notes of patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla, tonka, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, honey, tuberose, jasmin, bergamot, lemon and mandarin – that’s such a complex fragrance for a “cheap” candle – I don’t even need to light this, it fills the room by itself.

What are your favourite candles?


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