A Sale I Couldn’t Not Share…

DAMN you Beauty Bay – having seen an advert on my Facebook on my lunch for their summer sale I casually had to have a little gander at what was in there.

Thinking it would be the normal kind of products no one in interested in, but no.

Urban Decay Basics 2 Pallete reduced to £13.80 (link)

Urban Decay Naked Blushed palette in Stripe Reduced to £13.50 (link)

Own Brand items such as beauty blenders, brushes, beauty tools & nail polish – all half price and BOGOF! (here)

There are some massively good bargains to be had in the sale. Both of the above I had been considering picking up as I have a feel unique order as I have a voucher to spend – but would rather spend less here to get more somewhere else, so suck it no spend month. I bought them!


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Helpless Whilst Drying

Email: helplesswhilstdrying@gmail.com


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