Freedom Pro Butter Lipgloss “Sugar Fix” Review & Swatch

Since breaking last month’s spending ban to make a Freedom order, I kind of forgot about all of the lipsticks that I ordered, as they were immediately put into being organised! The Pro Butter Lipgloss in Sugar Fix was one of the items, which has laid completely untouched since un-packaging everything a month ago!

I bought this hoping they would turn out to be an equivalent or similar replacement for the Ofra Liquid Lipsticks which I’ve been talking non-stop about. Sadly they are pretty much nothing alike.


Despite being a lipgloss, the formulation of this is anything other than what you’d really expect. The colour looks like an almost scarily bright neon blue toned barbie pink, but applies much more subtly giving a wash of colour, and isn’t very glossy at all. Layering adds a slightly brighter, slightly glossier finish initially, but that gloss soon dulls down. This is much more like a lip-stain than a lipgloss or lipstick.freedom-makeup-pro-butter-sugar-fix-review

I do like this, but it’s not quite what I was expecting, and whilst like a stain in how it looks on the lips – it doesn’t have the lasting power of a stain, lasting 2-3 hours before the need to reapply and it doesn’t last well through eating or drinking either.


I did a bit of reading up on this after trying to see what people thought on these after I’d tried, and there’s two different formulations in the pro lipgloss line. Pro Lip Butter Glosses and Pro Lip Melts, had I had realised (and probably not made a purchase on launch day) I would have realised that the melts would be much more up my street.


Have you tried anything from Freedom yet?


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