Hairworx Tablets – The secret to healthy hair?

When I was offered to try some hair growth supplement tablets from T&N health*, I jumped at the chance. Hair growth tablets have been something which I’ve wanted to try for years – but until about a year ago – I couldn’t swallow tablets (yep I was one of those weirdos), so they were a product which were a out of the question for me – I’d even bought them in the past and had to give them away to my sister after multiple failed attempts!


When I had my hair ombred 2 months or so ago, I had to have a fair bit chopped off the ends from bleach damage. It’s now not in a bad condition – but any growth I can regain as quick would be appreciated, I’m forever seeking Rapunzel like locks.

HairWorx is packed full of 30 ingredients and vitamins specifically designed to target helping your hair health including Vitamins A, C, B12, & E, together with Zinc, Folic Acid and Selenium to name but a few. One bottle has 60 tablets and needing to take one a day (ideally after a meal), means that a bottle should last 2 months before needing to repurchase.


An easy way for me to tell how much my hair has been growing is through my fringe/bangs which I’m trying to grow out, at the start of taking these I could barely tuck my hair behind my ear and was an annoyance – in length it was falling just below the nose. Now it sits nicely behind my ear and behaves without constantly falling out, it’s now sitting midway down my lips, so a good inch growth or so. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is saying goodbye to shedding, since starting to use the Wet Brush a few months ago, hairs breaking and falling out was becoming a thing of the past. Since these tablets have become apart of my daily routine, I’ve barely lost a hair both in the shower or when brushing and styling! All of this has happened in just 3 weeks, I still have 5 weeks of product let to use!

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me who is noticing the effects, wanting it to work so imagining the results are there, but I hadn’t seen my mum since I started taking the tablets and she commented when I saw her how much much it looked like my hair had grown when I saw her last weekend.


As well as improvement in my hair, I saw improvement in my nails too, noticing that they were seemingly starting to become stronger and smoother as they grew, as well as growing faster than before, I cut them all down at the start of the month after a couple of bad breakages was making them look a bit odd – they’ve now all almost recovered.

I’m not sure I would purchase these if I was trying to keep myself on a really tight budget, at £17 for a 2 month supply they’re not the most purse friendly item, but equally having done a bit of research Hairworx are on the more affordable end of the market. If you’re really desperate to get your hair growing, or have problems with your hair breaking – I would recommend trying out a hair vitamin, and these in particular have worked well for me.

The best thing about this, is they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy that you’re getting any results they will give you your money back! What’s to loose?

I am going to continue using these for the foreseeable future, I’ve loved the change I’ve seen in my hair – both in growth and health! Should you want to try these out for yourself, whisk yourself off to amazon to get yourself these little haircare gems.

Have you tried any hair growth supplements before?


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Helpless Whilst Drying

*Product sent for review, but 100% my own opinions.


5 thoughts on “Hairworx Tablets – The secret to healthy hair?

  1. I think I need these! My hair is not as healthy as I’d like and I have no idea why. I’ve been avoiding heat, reduced frequency of dying and yet my colour damage just seems to be spreading even though I’m so close to having cut out all of my bleach 😦
    My nails are pretty weak too, so I think I need something to strengthen them all up!

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    1. I know how you feel I had the same thing a few years ago, and I went in to be my sister in laws hairdressing model for a colouring course and the top colourist and Label.m said she shouldn’t put any colour on it at all it was that badly damaged, had to have it cut back to a long bob to get rid of it all.
      I was dubious about these and whilst I wasn’t expecting to see any changes in the 3 weeks that I was asked to trial them, but have been pleasantly surprised, my hair is almost at the longest that it’s ever been! xxx


      1. My hair is too curly to go super short, I find it really unmanageable. The frustrating part is that I have cut off a lot of hair last summer and my hair was doing a lot better but the colour damage seems to be spreading 😕
        Hoping it just looks worse because I’ve gone 2 weeks longer between dyes than usual, but I’m getting it done tomorrow & have taken photos to show my hair dresser to see what she recommends x


  2. I’m so glad this is working for you! I take a tablet for my hair too. I was noticing more hair falling out than usual about a year ago so I decided to take this:
    The key ingredient is Biotin which is a vitamin B. I really noticed a difference in less hair falling out – I haven’t seen much improvement in my nails though. I’ve now switched their GUMMY version, so no pill swallowing and I feel like I’m eating candy:

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  3. Sounds interesting, my hair falls out so much. I get worried about it sometimes as I don’t want to end up a bald little old lady one day. Also my nails have always been super weak. Might be a good product for me.


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