No Spend Take 2 + Essentials Mini Haul

Well whilst I’m sure that we can all agree that I failed miserably at my No Spend June – caving at a mere 3.5 days in for the shiny new Freedom products – when you look at how many empties I’ve used up – I actually did quite well, partially I think down to coincidence, but I did make a concious effort in using up any half used things (especially pesky samples) that were hanging un-necessarily around.

I planned to show you my whole collection of everything over the month, and didn’t even come close to showing you half of my collection, so that’s why July is going to be No Spend Month – take 2! Hopefully I can see my way through some more products which I’ve been needlessly holding onto.

I’m going to attempt the same thing again (still going to receive my 2 beauty boxes again) – with no other spends on Makeup throughout the month. I have finished a few things which were my “last” – last primer and last nail polish base coat, so I’ve repurchased those, but that’s all I’m planning on purchasing.


Essence all About Matt concealer mine is just about on it’s last legs and just missed out on getting into last month’s empties. My collection concealer is also almost empty so got a back up of my new favourite concealer (only £2) you must try it!


Our local body shop is actually part of an outlet shopping so whilst you can’t get the latest limited edition items, the majority of makeup, past collections and a large chunk of their normal lines is generally available in there… discounted. When you buy 2 items, you save 30%, 3 items 35% and 4+ items 40%. I decided after being quite impressed with the Body Shop lipstick I tried to pick up Instablur primer as I’ve heard a lot of good rumblings and I’d just run out of my whole primer stash! Pat on the back for me.

I decided to get a shower gel as doing so would make it cheaper with getting 30% off both than just the primer alone. I picked up 2 scents which I think were limited edition in Spring – Early Harvest Raspberry and Vineyard Peach, both smell delicious! The sales assistant then told me getting a second shower gel would work out as an extra 50p as the discount would be 30% – so whilst I didn’t need 2, in the long run I will have saved myself some dosh. So the whole lot came to £13.05 – when the primer in a normal store would have cost me £14. Bargain!

Left to Right: Dark Night, Sweet Treat, Myth

3 Topshop nail varnishes. Yes these definitely weren’t essential, but my local store was having a Sale and these shades were being discontinued, after having a pretty crappy week after having some bad news I treated myself to 3 as they we’re only £1 and are normally 6. One of my favourite Nail Polishes is Topshop Magpie and these look similar, but in different colour ways – so I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of these.


I’ve been a loyal lover of OPI Nail Envy for a few years but have just ran out of all my minis and full sizes,  so decided to try Essie’s Grow Stronger on the recommendation of Anne from Doves and Roses (her post from the start of May has been in my mind to repurchase this when my OPI ran out!)


Lamora Brush Set I wouldn’t really class as being apart of no buy month as I don’t see a makeup brush collection as un-necessary hoarding. I saw these recommended my Karen from Confetti and Curves last month and decided to treat myself to some more new additions. I’ve been looking for a fluffy blending brush and was thinking about buying MACs 277 – which would have been double to cost of this budget set. I’ll reviews these after I’ve had them a week, but after Karen and countless Amazon reviews have rated them so highly I expect that I’ll love them too!


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9 thoughts on “No Spend Take 2 + Essentials Mini Haul

  1. Ha! Can’t wait to see what you think of Essie’s Grow Stronger! Can’t compare it to the opi version myself, so I am waiting anxiously to hear what you think 😀
    xxx Anne

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  2. Amazing! So glad you’re going to extend this to another month. It does feel really good to use up half finished items. I’ve found so many items hidden in the back of the cupboard.
    I haven’t seen that Essence concealer but I’ll have to look out for it.
    Great deals on the Body Shop stuff – at least they’re all items you will use up! 🙂
    I’m in the market for a new nail strengthener – OPI Nail Envy didn’t do it for me. I haven’t heard about the Essie. I was thinking of trying the Nailtiques Formula 2 which everyone raves about. I’ll have to research it.


    1. Never heard of nailtiques maybe we can’t get that hear! I was between Essie and the CND sticky base coat, but haven’t heard so much about it, I’ll try that next! I don’t think I’ll quite get to 45 empties as I’ll be starting fresh on stash items but atleast I’ll get through more, my drawers are already looking a lot clearer! X

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