B Clean Melting Gel Cleanser Review

I’ve had 2 B Clean cleansers for about a month but refrained from using them until I’d made my way through my cleanser samples, so have only just started using this one.


B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser had a lot to live up to, I’d just finished a sample of Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish which reminded me how much I LOVE that cleanser, so this was going to have a hard time following in it’s path.

From the get go, this wasn’t really what I expected – because silly me, I didn’t read the description on the back! Because it has the word melting in the name, I thought this was going to melt away makeup and make an easy job of removing any traces – but instead it’s the gel which melts. Applying as a gel when water is added it turns into a milky oil toner which is meant to leave the skin feeling soft and supple. That part it lives up to.


As a cleanser though, I just can’t get this to fully remove my mascara. I’ve tried using this completely dry to massage into the eye area before adding water to wash away, and I’ve tried with water straight away, neither does the job of completely cleaning my eye area. Eventually yes, it does remove it, but it doesn’t make light work of the job. And I think after a week of hardcore scrubbing at the eyes I would be left with no eyelashes.

I will use this up, but I personally wouldn’t buy it again. Whilst affordable at £6.99, there’s better cleansers for your money. I’ve still yet to try their Gycolic Acid Cleanser so expect a review of that coming up soon!

Have you tried anything from the B. Line?


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