Lottie Spring Break Nail Polish – Swatch & Review

There’s two colours of nail polishes that I will forever be drawn to, one of them is neon pink. When I spotted this on the Lottie stand in Superdrug I was drawn to the colour of this shade. Thinking it’s so different to all the other neon pinks I have. I couldn’t have been more wrong!


Lottie Spring Break is not the most neon of neon of shades, but I would still defiantly class this as just about falling into that realm. Often with neon shades, especially pinks, I find that they will have a slight sparkle or iridescence but this is a perfect neon pink creme polish. In the shop I thought it’s very different for that reason, but I’ve actually realised that this is identical to China Glaze’s Escaping Reality, which I’ve reviewed previously here.


Lottie Spring Break Left, China Glaze Escaping Reality Right
Lottie Spring Break Left, China Glaze Escaping Reality Right

Like most neon shades, Spring Break doesn’t have an uber glossy finish that I desire, it’s a semi matte, and I find that using a topcoat in this case helps brighten the polish up with extra shine. Escaping Reality has a tendancy to chip very quickly, whilst Spring Break isn’t quite as good in my experience as other Lottie polishes 4 days on the nail with a topcoat, it does perform better than it’s more expensive China Glaze competitor, and I prefer the brush on the Lottie polish too.



So far I am really impressed with the Lottie line, this is the last of the 5 I currently have. I will be revisiting the line again soon – but have my eye on a few A England polishes which I think I’ll pick up first. I’ve worn Lottie polishes solidly for a month now, my nails are in the best condition that they’ve ever been in! You can see all my reviews of Lottie Nail Polishes here.

 If you’ve tried any shades from Lottie London, that you would/wouldn’t recommend, please let me know in the comments!


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