A Mini Blogger Related Rant

I feel like I need to post about this, it’s something that I’ve noticed to be a growing trend in the beauty blogs I follow recently. This might cause me to lose some followers of those who are guilty, but I really want to find out if I’m the only one who has noticed this.

I take great pride in to the photography of my blog, it might not always be perfect, in fact, I don’t think it ever is. But I will make sure that I take the time to post capture a product that I’m reviewing properly. Often I will have written a post or a review on something weeks before it gets posted, and that’s usually because I haven’t captured the product on me properly, whether that’s a foundation, mascara or nail varnish. If I tell you a mascara is the best thing I have ever used, I want you to see why.

But I’m noticing a growing trend of beauty reviews where people are saying as such, and don’t include a picture of the product applied at all. In the 2-3 weeks I’ve monitored this on blogs I follow (do I sound like a spy), and I have over 20 saved bookmarks to posts which have been guilty of this.

I have 60. Yes 60, written draft posts awaiting me to photograph the products, often I will have already done it once and not been happy with how they’ve turned out. For me, I can’t believe that the polish you’ve posted is your favourite ever colour, because you haven’t snapped one sneaky shot of you wearing it. That mascara you’re raving about, I don’t believe it’s any good – because you haven’t shown me why! This annoys me and I don’t think that I make a crazy amount of effort, but I am always trying to do better – I see others who make a massive effort, but I wonder how annoyed they must be!

Am I the only one who this bothers? Am I the only one who has noticed?!

Mini moan over, unless you join in and we can moan together.


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11 thoughts on “A Mini Blogger Related Rant

  1. You’re not the only one, I’ve noticed it too. I don’t mind them posting swatches (as one of your bloggers mentioned above) but it’s when they don’t post any pic relating to the items they’re reviewing/raving about, or they say something like “sorry, forgot to take a pic” and I think “Well, how am I to know how it actually looks on you if I can’t see it?”. Gah!

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  2. It bothers me when I don’t see pictures either. I usually take pictures first before I even write a post. I guess the pictures kind of inspire me. It’s nicer to have something visual to look at. xo

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  3. I am guilty of not posting application of the makeup on my face, because I have a standing policy to not put my face out for all the world to see. I don’t even use my first name. BUT, I do always provide swatches on skin.
    Here’s the flip side of this – however it applies on someone – say, mascara – may not be how it’ll work for the readers since my lashes aren’t the same. So I think the job of the review is to provide as good of a description in written form so that the readers can determine if the attributes of the product fits with what they prefer in a product.
    But I agree – no pics at all = lazy.

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    1. I agree with the non face, thing my first six months of blogging were anonymous, no name, no pictures of my face – I get where you’re coming from on that, but at the same time it was when I was exclusively doing nail polish reviews so it didn’t effect the other. But do get where you’re coming from.
      I agree that a product might work differently for others 100%, but also what one person thinks looks good another person might not, and sometimes a description can be a bit off key, I know I’ve written posts before then photographed and pictures haven’t reflected it – meaning I’ve re-rewritten to match. Photos do a better job of people being able to see a product and make a judgement call for themselves, e.g mascara looks too lengthening, doesn’t add enough volume for their personal preference, a description alone doesn’t offer that for me

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  4. Hi hun.
    I have to admit that I’m one of those who want to remain anonymous, but I agree with what you say. If I’m raving about a nail polish, I will post a picture of the mani I did with it. If I’m raving about an eye palette, I will post swatches.

    But yes, I get where you come from and what kind of posts you refer to. Honestly, if someone takes no pictures at all, or if they take their blog pictures from google or from the manufacturers’ web sites all the time and then write a couple hundred random words about how totally awesome a product is, I am not convinced either. I skip those because they don’t seem to be real opinions by real people.

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