A Mini MAC Haul

I received an email promoting the new MAC collection last week, and being a sucker for any limited edition packaging (especially lipsticks) rushing to my computer I managed to get my hands on one of the 4 that they had (the other 3 had already sold out).


Mac Morange Wash & Go Collection Amplified Cream


Morange is a permanent shade from MAC – and whilst normally I like to pick up the limited edition shades as you normally pay more for the same thing, I was happy to get this as it has been one which has been on my hit-list. I don’t own any – yes any – pure orange lipstick shades. Lately I’ve been obsessing over orange nails, and now I have a lipstick to pair with it! I have no idea if orange suits me, so will be trialling it over the weekend!

The Wash and Go Collection goes into UK stores from today – most of it is sold out online already – so go go go to your closest MAC counter and have a look at the collection whilst you’re still able to get it!

I love the shiny mirrored packaging on this, the colours are very tropical and summery – which for me don’t match with a ‘laundry’ themed collection where I tend to think of pastels and pinks, but maybe in America that isn’t the case as that seems to be where it’s based from the photography.

Viva Glam MileyAmplified


I’ve been seeing this pop up all over almost every blog and I’ve loved it, The Miley Cyrus edit is the 2015 Viva Glam celebrity created edition, and is a bright but not neon pink. The sales from the Viva Glam line gets completely donated to the MAC aids charity – so really I was just supporting a good cause and doing a charitable donation, right?

I have quite a few of the Viva Glam line as I like to support it as it’s for such a good cause – but not many of them actually suit me all that well. This one certainly will, and is a complete ‘me’ shade which will get lots of wear.

What do you think of these shades? Do you own either of these?


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4 thoughts on “A Mini MAC Haul

  1. Oh that lipstick tube for Morange looks amazing! I’m a sucker for all the LE MAC packaging. Sometimes I’ll buy a product for the packaging at higher price even though I know the shade is available in the permanent collection. 🙂


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