Are We Friends Yet?

I’ve only recently started trying to make an effort with my social media in relation to my blog, I’ve blogged every single day since January – and it’s slowly becoming more and more consuming of my time.

I’m taking more pride in my photography having purchased a lightbox and using my SLR more, photo touch ups etc after, but a blog post soon takes 4 hours to photograph edit and write.

hopefully you’ve noticed the difference. But all of that is taking more time, and adding social media demands on top seem impossible.

I seriously don’t know how people can tweet a hundred times a day with full time jobs – if that’s you please tell me where you find your extra hours in the day.

I’m going away for the a few days over the weekend and next week and don’t plan to put pressure on myself and schedule any more posts, and have a little break away. I think on my return I’m going to start scaling back on daily posts, at least for a few weeks – and make more of an effort on trying to get into the swing of being a social butterfly. Although I’m definitely more of a caterpillar.

So let’s be friends if we’re not already.

Twitter: @helplessdrying

Instagram: @helplesswhilstdrying

Bloglovin‘: Helpless Whilst Drying

Undecided on setting up a Facebook, does anyone follow blogs on facebook? I don’t really. It just seems like a platform that I would get my crazy uncles/cousins/all of my family commenting on stuff thinking it’s my personal one.



11 thoughts on “Are We Friends Yet?

  1. I think I’d find daily blogging too exhausting, I blog only when I’m relaxed and I really want to. Personally I don’t follow blogs from Facebook or Twitter, however I’ve discovered lots of new blogs via Instagram. Hope you enjoy your break 🙂

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  2. Oh, I hear ya sister. I write novels, articles, blog posts, and research the whole aspects of marketing and building a platform for writers. The answer is: long nights, though after 4 years I’ve finally managed to take on a 80% job. So I’d say: find a part-time job. It helps!


    1. Blogging is very much a hobby for me, and my goal hasn’t ever been to make it a career – and I don’t think it would give me the same ‘challenge’ that I need – I love my marketing & web design job too much – so I think scaling back a bit will help. Also have a case of writers block for the first time since daily blogging from January, so maybe a step back from it for a few weeks will help!

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    1. I agree, I started daily blogging to grow content and audience for a short period of time, but it turned into something I didn’t feel like I could stop once I’d started, and started treating it as a job on top of my job and putting pressure on myself to do it, I was at the stage where I would have 14 blog posts scheduled, now I have a panic attack when I realise I haven’t got one for the next day!

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  3. Followed on IG. 🙂 And yes, I totally understand you. Trying to keep up with Word Press, Instagram and Facebook is hard. I don’t have a Twitter yet but probably will. Not sure how that will go though, lol. Enjoy your time. 🙂

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