My Little Dream Box | April 2015 Unboxing & Review

One of the things that I love about My Little Box is that they don’t go for the obvious theme, at Christmas we saw the colab with Fleur de Force instead of Christmas themed, in February we saw a box themed with a french style icon instead of valentines. And I was delighted with the theme of My Little Dream Box in April’s offering, with it’s beautiful illustration adorning the front.


I wish they had included this as an illustration, but those seem to have stopped for the past few months which makes me sad. This month also included the magazine in a swapped up format, as a giant poster on one side with all the other magazine printed on the other side. There’s interviews with Caroline Hirons who I am a big fan of, so I will definately give it a read this month.

The Beauty Products


My Little Beauty – Masque Reparateur – (Hair Mask) – Full Size £7


I had a bit of a moment with this, is it a hair or a face mask, luckily, the handy instructions told me it was a hair mask. This is a repairing mask for dry hair from My Little Beauty featuring shea and walnut butters this claims to give a boost to damaged ends. I haven’t used it yet, but this smells as good as it sounds.

Sabe Masson Copacabana Perfume Stick – Full Size £15


This is a solid twist up perfume stick, this isn’t a brand I’ve heard of before, but historically I’ve not been a big fan of these in the past – as I find they can leave a greasy residue – this one doesn’t. Sabe Masson’s Copacabana is described as exotic – personally I think that it is quite citrusy with a hint of spice to it. I think someone who doesn’t like scents that are too feminine – and don’t like to go too spicy would love this.

Loved by Lou Lesange Lip Balm – Full Size £8


Again another brand that I haven’t heard of before. This is a red tinted lip balm which looks as though it might apply quite opaque. Applying it has quite a gel like consistency and swatches quite sheer. This is not the type of product that I would normally pick up, but I’m sure it will be a handy thing to keep on my desk at work.

The Lifestyle Extras

Stamped with Love Stamp – Worth £8


I’m taking this to work! This little rotating stamp is filled with notes of, love, thanks and general pretty patterns. We have an approved stamp at work, and I plan to counteract it with a ‘Merci Beaucoup’ stamp from this!

Delphine Pariente Bonne Etoile Necklace – Worth £20 my-little-box-my-little-dream-box-necklace

This is the only product that I’m not sure on from this box. I wouldn’t pay the attached price tag of £20 for sure. This is a little gold disk engraved with the words ‘Bonne Etoile’ – meaning lucky star – on a coral cord necklace. I think I will attempt to make this into a bracelet or maybe a keyring – as I won’t get any wear of this from a necklace. This was cutely packaged in a sewn up paper cloud which I loved – everything in life should come packaged this way.


I’m really pleased with this month’s my little dream box, I’m not a big fan of the necklace, but I’m really looking forward to using everything else, especially bringing a little bit of cuteness to people at work with the stamp!

Update: Since looking at other people’s posts I’ve discovered that you should have received ink for the stamp as well – mine was missing – I’m not going to complain, My Little Box have done more than enough for me in the past!


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Helpless Whilst Drying



10 thoughts on “My Little Dream Box | April 2015 Unboxing & Review

  1. Oh this box is precious! I love the esthetics of it – from the illustration to the curated products. That necklace would make a nice wrap type of bracelet if you want to convert it. And that stamp! How sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is Rachael 🙂 That’s such a great idea, I done that with a recent birthday card someone got me of two little owls on a tree – just cut it out, placed it on some backing paper and put it in a frame 🙂 Must take a pic of it and show you on Instagram if you have it! XXX

        Liked by 1 person

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