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Besides from nail polish, I also love lip sticks! These two overflowing racks pictured is not the full collection below illustrates another “problem” I have… Please ignore my half grown out fringe that’s flopping about everywhere, it’s in that annoying stage where it needs another inch to be out the way and style-able!



1. What is your favorite balm or treatment?

I’m not loyal to any balms, I have so many from beauty boxes, I shouldn’t have to buy one for a few years!


My favourite is a treatment, called Reve de Miel Baume Levres Ultra-Nourrissant Lip Balm (mouthful!). I like to put it on when I get home from work, and sometimes as I’m walking out the door to work as it’s sank in by the time I’ve got there! It’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way, on mine it looks like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’ve not had a flaky, chapped or cracked lip in sight since I purchased it. The real test will to see how it makes a difference in winter as I bought it in spring. Available from feel unique

2. What is your favourite eye catching red?

I don’t wear red very often, I’m a messy eater/drinker and I’m always afraid of red smearing all over my face. But I do enjoy wearing Kate Moss for Rimmel in 01 on the rare occasion I dare.



3. The best luxury and drugstore product?

Luxury: Currently Loving Nars Audacious Lipstick in Vera



Drugstore: Essence 07 in Beige – I got this is a glossybox and it’s a great everyday shade, that’s very moisturising too. It’s something silly like £1.99, so if you see it, pick it up… now – that’s an order, you have my permission!



I have to give an honourable mention the the Kiko Frosted Lipstick in Authentic Magenta this month since I’ve been wearing it I’ve worn it a lot!


Kiko Authentic Magenta Lipstick Swatch
Kiko Authentic Magenta Lipstick Swatch

4. Best MAC lipstick?

Mac Spitfire
Mac Spitfire

My favourite Mac lipstick became lost, it was limited edition, and never been re-released. It still haunts me every-time I think about it! It was Mac Spitfire, it came out with the wonder woman collection in. Every Mac collection that comes out I check whether it has been re-released. It was a pretty unusual shade, in some lights it looked pink with purple undertones and others it looked reverse.

I struggle to pick my favourite, Mac is my most long term loved brand for lipsticks. It’s like Sophie’s choice. So I’ll cheat and pick 3.

Mac Viva Glam Cyndi – Probably my most worn, a lovely wearable red/pink – I struggle to pull of mid-tone pinks because of my skin colour, but I think this one suits me well.  Unfortunately now discontinued, but if you’re a person that struggles with reds, this would be perfect!


Mac Brave – Despite it’s name, it’s not a brave shade. In fact the opposite. It’s my favourite neutral/everyday shade – it’s not got the creamiest formula but doesn’t feel too drying.


Mac Rebel – This was my spitfire replacement, it’s similar in tone, but darker, somewhat red, somewhat purple, somewhat pink – I love this in autumn.



 5. Most disappointing lip product?


Hmmm. I really had to think about this, I had to route through my drawers, i am cheating with 2 lines as they both did disappoint me greatly. First would be the Maybelline Baby Lips – I had 3 of these when they came out and I have no idea where the other went. They had such rave reviews from every blogger and youtuber at the time, that when they came to the UK – I got them the day they came out, but they’re rubbish. Not nourishing, the orange one is okay for a very sheer wash of cherry colour.


Second would be the lipstick queen, I picked these up in TK Maxx around Christmas time. Considering these retail for £22 each (I paid that roughly that for all 3), they aren’t up to scratch. I was hoping to write a rave review on these as I’d been wanted to do a giveaway too – but I’m not going to. There’s a full post on these going up separately!

6. Lip Liner: Yes or No?

I don’t find it makes all that much difference, I don’t suffer with bleeding. I have a few lip liners but don’t feel the need to reach for them all that much. I’d more reach for them if I’m “playing” with my makeup!

7. Favorite gloss?

The one I reach for most often is the Nars Bad Education. I’m not a big lipgloss wearer, but this is one which looks positively battered. I can’t stand walking down the street, and finding that my hair has blown into my face and is stuck to my lips. On a rare occasion I wear it, I will tend to wear in doors, or a very thin layer over lipstick. For this lipgloss I can make an exception.



8. ..Something else?!

“Best packaging” has to go to this MAC product released this year in their Alluring Aquatic Collection – I only got my hands on one, I wish I’d got them all. It’s in the shade ‘Mystical’, and I’m not going to lie, I bought this (and a blush), mostly because of the packaging. I was unsure whether it would be textured when it came, or whether the droplet pattern would be textured or clever printing/photography. It didn’t disappoint, each droplet is slightly raised, which means it’s stunning as the light catches it in real life and feels interesting in the hands too.



Whilst I did buy for the packaging, it’s a staple in my handbag, and for me is a perfect “your lips but better” shade. And every time I pull it out my bag I fall in love with the packaging all over again.

What are your favourite lip products?


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