Face Mask Friday #3 – Michael Todd Charcoal Face Mask Review

Another Friday another face mask! This time I’ve got the Michael Todd Charcoal Face Mask. Michael Todd is an American brand, not available easily in the UK, but when every youtuber was talking about Michael Todd, 2-3 years ago, I decided to bite the bullet and place an order, since then I’ve placed 2 more orders – and in my last one, I decided to try out this face mask.

Whilst more than your average drugstore product, Michael Todd is a more affordable line when it comes to natural skincare, all their products are 70-90% natural, so that’s a big thumbs up. All their products are relatively well reviewed on their website, so I feel in safe hand ordering products with such positive reviews. This face mask is on their new UK site for £24 ($34 on US) – but is generously sized at 200ml.


The mask has a pump, which dispenses just the right amount of product needed, it looks very thick in consistency, but when applied to the skin it’s almost transparent with a slight grey-ish hue, quite post man friendly as face masks go. The colour whilst not something you’d associate with skincare in general, but something you would expect from a charcoal based product.


This is supposed to detoxify the skin with the use of charcoal which should draw out impurities from the skin, clearing pores of oils and dirts. Green tea extracts are added for the anti-oxidant behaviour, willow tree extract listed as having healing powers. This also contains hylauranic acid which should smooth and moisturise the skin, this mask should do everything that you could possibly want all at the same time. This smells overwhelmingly of aniseed, I’m not sure why as it’s not listed as an ingredient added for a particular effect, but just be warned if you hate that smell.


I’ve loved every Michael Todd product I’ve tried except this one, I don’t find that it really does any of what is listed. I’ve had this product for around about a year, and I’ve persevered with it for few weeks – left it for a few months and revisited, and I just don’t see any results from it. My skin does feel hydrated after – but no more so than I would expect from a moisturiser.

Given just how many postive reviews this has on their website, I seem to be in the small minority who don’t like this product, so if you’re debating trying it out, I would recommend still giving it a go, or atleast checking out their other masks.

When I last placed an order with Michael Todd, I was hit with a heavy customs charge that was about the same amount as my order in total – they now include that as part of your order (high five/sorry purse), and there is free delivery to the UK within 2 days when you spend £50 or more, which is great! It does tempt me to put in another order, although not for this product in particular, every other product I’ve tried from them I’ve liked a lot.

Overall Score

Post Man Friendly : 4/5

Smell: 3/5 (just very strong)

Results: 2/5

Value for Money: 3/5 (In terms of how many uses you would get out of a bottle, I must have used this 10-15 times over the past year, and it still feels relatively full)

If you have any Michael Todd recommendations please let me know, I do plan to make an order when I’ve made it to the end of my skincare stash – which is actually coming to an end!

I have a pumpkin Michael Todd face mask sample which I’ve been saving, which I will review in a few weeks time!


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