China Glaze Atlantis – Swatch & Review

This polish  has been a long standing favourite in my collection, it’s been used and well loved, and despite the appearances of the bottle where the glitter has stuck to the side – it’s now almost empty.

China Glaze Atlantis is a pretty deep teal gelly style base packed with silver holographic micro glitter. This is the kind of polish whilst I love, that I normally dread as it normally needs a massive amount of coats to get it opaque, but not in the case of this, the first coat does apply very thin, and a second, without trying builds up a very thick layer that feels like it sticks to the first coat.


The gelly teal base means that it looks like you’ve built up coat after coat, as you can see the depth of the glitter, which covered by the coloured base makes it looked layered. Swatches Atlantis don’t quite do it justice, and whilst it looks beautiful, in person it’s even better!

Although it’s coming to the end of it’s bottle and has gone quite thick in consistency – it still – and always has dried remarkably fast. Within 10 minutes I can have painted 2 coats of this and it will all feel totally dry. This is nice and glossy by itself, but I always use a topcoat to even out the bumpy glittery texture that I’m not a fan of.


Sadly this was part of a limited edition collection, at last look there were a few stray bottles of this on ebay, but it’s not something that you’ll be able to find in stores.

What are your favourite products that have been discontinued?


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