H&M haul

Okay… Another haul, I think this might be the last haul for a while, but as this goes up I will have just come back from London where we went to see Book of Mormon, so there might have been some shopping done, so stay tuned, there might be more.

I said in my last lusting after that I was wanting to buy but because I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet and losing weight quite quickly, I didn’t want to spend too much on clothes that won’t fit in a few moths. I specifically wanted a spring jacket for going to london at the weekend, which was smart but would also look good with jeans for weekends, I also picked up a few other small bits to try and see me through to summer (hopefully), when I can evaluate what I really need to buy then.

Firstly, H&M are really slow at dispatching/delivering parcels. Now this took a week to arrive (I ordered Friday morning and it arrived the following Friday afternoon), is a week a massive time delay – in the world of e-commerce I think it is, especially for massive retailers like H&M, don’t place your order if you want it in a rush, I didn’t think this was going to arrive in time for what I wanted!

I used a discount code to get me 10% off my order – that’s expired now, but H&M always have a voucher code running!

Copper Coloured Candlestick (£6.29 with discount) (Not online anymore!) 


A bit random, but the only houseware item so I will get it out the way now, over Christmas we saw a very nice (but very expensive) copper candle stick in John Lewis, we decided against it, but I thought for the price this would be a good alternative. It is not amazing quality but for the price I can’t really grumble.

Figure Fit Jacket (£26.99 with discount) (link)


I saw this in store but they only had small sizes left, which is what prompted me to make the online order. This isn’t a perfect fit but it doesn’t look too bad, I’m not sure whether to keep this knowing that it will become a bit more comfy or whether to return it. As I’m writing this it’s the night before I go to London, and I’ll probably decide in the morning whether it looks right or not. I like this as whilst it’s a tailored jacket, the leather sleeves make it feel more casual, and more me. I ordered a size up in this and it still feels small – so if you order I’d consider going a size up.

Jersey Skirt (£5.39 with discount) (link)


I used to love these kind of skirts on H&M, and thought this would look nice with the jacket, which they do look very chic together. I was planning on wearing this tomorrow, but it’s a little short – even though it’s meant to be warm this weekend I might have to wait another month or so before it’s really weather appropriate!

A line Tops (£7.19 each with discount) (link)


This top comes in lots of different colours, and I picked up the stripe and the pastel nude/pink (also thinking about what would go nice with the top and the skirt). These are exactly the same cut of top just in different fabric patterns, and if you can see the dipped hem at the back is completely different on both, good QA H&M!

I’m not planning on keeping these, I sized up which has made them too baggy – especially on the arms. The pastel one is really sheer. They’re not very flattering on me, whilst I wanted them to be a bit baggy, these skim over my boobs and drop straight down and make me look about 3 sizes bigger than I am. I could maybe keep the striped one, as I think I could make that work tucked in to skirts but overall – these look like two different tops!

That’s it, not a very successful online order I don’t think, I love H&M clothes, but should have known better, I find their sizes either go one of two ways, sometimes I’ve sized down 2 sizes, sometimes up 2!


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4 thoughts on “H&M haul

  1. I love/hate ordering online from H&M! They never seem to have the things I’ve seen in store but you can get some bargains. The delivery is way slower than any of their competitors as well which would be bearable if you could find what you want. I usually end up returning a lot of things from them because of their random sizing x


    1. I’ve always said the same that I like to shop in H&M because I know how hit and miss it can be on sizes and fit, but really wanted that jacket so bit the bullet and did it, don’t think I will be desperate to do it again unless there’s something I really like! x


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