Another Liebster

I know, I know – I said in my last liebster that I wasn’t going to do another Liebster, but I was kindly nominated by Sam from SamTiernan – who has a lovely blog with lots of gorgeous make up looks, Her nomination came on the day that my post went up, there was a few questions here that I hadn’t answered so I decided to do it again. I’ve also put in a few pictures to make it a bit more interesting!

Like my last post though, you all know the drill with these by now, so I won’t explain, but I won’t be nominating further blogs as whilst I have subscribed to some new blogs, I’ve yet to see posts from them, to recommend reading!

I’m also skipping over the facts about me… check out past liebsters here.

Sam’s Questions

1. Where are you from?

A village in rural Lincolnshire, nearish to Peterborough, in the UK.

Here’s the view from the back of my house (#nofilter).


2. Favourite movie?

Wolf of Wall Street

3. Favourite colour?

Depends what for, my favourite colour is purple, but to wear cobalt blue really suits my skintone.

4. Do you remember the first piece of make up you got?

I don’t 100% remember if this was, but it was one of the first – a Rimmel Duo Eyeshadow palette of purple and lilac – I still have it but never use it!


5. What did you do today?

Went to work, came home and did a lot of blogging – I tend to spend one day at the start of the week where I schedule everything for the next week or so ahead – so it’s done!

6. Your favourite lollie?

Presuming this means Ice Lolly, so if so – I’m Fab or Twister Girl.


7. What are you most excited for?

Hmm Good question, I’m just excited for Summer to come, I have lots planned – but mostly I’m looking forward to the weather.

8. Do you like chocolate?

Yes, milk or white – I don’t like Dark though, I find it too bitter. I also don’t like things such as caramel in – don’t pollute the chocolate! Galaxy (in america I think they call it Dove) is my favourite!

9. Favourite song?

Changes very frequently – current artist of choice is Sam Smith, my favourite is Love You Like I Can

10. How do you pass the time when you’re bored?

Really depends when/where I am, but games on iPad (currently addicted to Kim Kardashian game – I don’t even like the Kardashians!), embroidery, watching youtube or PLL, blogging or reading blogs!

11. Are you friends with the same people you were 5 years ago?

Yes and no, I haven’t fell out with anyone, but over the past year it’s become clear which of my friends kept in touch over tough periods such as when my Grandad passed away (also he was my last remaining Grandparent it happened on Boxing Day and I took it pretty hard for several months), there were some friends that never asked how I was. There’s plenty of friends who I don’t talk to frequently – the difference is the friends that only talk about themselves when we do speak, and never ask about my life/work/family. The people who I’ve learnt do ask about me over the past year, are the ones who actually tend to know what is going on in my life, and I actually bother to tell when I’m feeling low/something bad has happened as it’s obvious that they are the ones that care.


Instagram: @helplesswhilstdrying  |  Twitter: @helplessdrying

BlogLovin: Helpless Whilst Drying



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