I’ve currently got a bad case of wanting to change up my hair, and have a few weeks before I’m going to the hairdressers, this can be dangerous as when I want to change my hair, I feel the desperate need to do it myself in that moment, and end up doing something crazy (hello purple ombre which faded to green). I’m trying to grow and look after my hair as much as possible, and as much as I want to go back to my Uni days of streaks of bright pink hair and bleaching my hair frequently, it really did knacker my dark natural brown locks.

 Currently I have my hair quite a natural brown, highlighted through the underneath with blonde which was left on for a short time just so my hair didn’t look so flat in colour – and you didn’t see roots growing through as I don’t have time for the maintenance every six weeks.


My hairdresser is my future sister in law, and I completely trust her to do her own thing at times when I know I want a change but don’t know what, or for her to tell me when no, doing that to your hair is not a good idea.

I’m a little torn as to what to do with my hair as I’m crushing over lots of different colors which are rapidly different!

Hair Crush 1: Shay Mitchell SHAY-MITCHELL-HAIRSPIRATION-hair

Obsession with her hair has formed off the back of constantly watching Pretty Little Liars. When I say hair crush, what I mean is that I’m basically in love with her, Emily’s my least favourite character in pretty little liars, but she’s completely stunning. If my sister in law could give me a body and face transplant as well, I’d be picking to look like Shay.

This is a more toned up version of what I already have, it’s not quite a true ombre as it still looks highlighted with darker shades still running through.

Hair Crush 2: Gemsmaquillage / Gemma Tomlinson


When one of my long time fave bloggers/youtubers Gemsmaquillage started dying her hair red in the autumn, I was resisting the urge to pull out my old Directions and Crazy Colours and join in the fun. This deep plum cherry red, which when catching in the light is more vibrant, is my ultimate hair dream. My problem, red is just gone out of my hair in 3 weeks without bleach, no matter what I’ve tried, and when I’ve bleached it first – i just then can’t get rid of the thing when I want it to go. I’d love to be able to do this, but I just know that I won’t be able to keep up with the maintenance that my hair requires.

Gemma also has a whole pinterest board dedicated to red hair, if these haven’t made you think about changing others will! (Board here)

Hair Crush 3: Beyonce


I’m not keen on beyonce’s current weave situation, she looks like she could do with a trim as it’s looking a bit straggly to me. But the darker honey blonde is lush, this is just about as blonde as I could maybe get away with all over, but unsure as to whether it will damage my hair too much or not! I know if my sister in law was picking, she’s probably choose this as she always asks be if I want to go blonde again and I think she’s itching to do it!

And whilst I’ve been growing it for a couple of years now, everything about this picture tempts me to have a chop.


Do you get tempted to spontaneously change your hair, please say I’m not the only one!

What colour do you think I should go for?


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6 thoughts on “Hairspiration

  1. Honestly Rachael I get tempted to do this ALL the time but usually hold myself back for fear of ending up ruining my hair! lol I got some blonde highlights through my chocolate brown hair last summer and they’re STILL going strong!!! Thought I know at some point I’m going to put another rich warm brown colour in to enrichen my natural hair colour.
    I would suggest if (like me) maintenance isn’t your thing then stay well away from Gemma’s colour as it really does need to be maintained to look great. Although it’s the ‘safest’ on I think Shay’s style could be a good start and maybe work towards Beyonces colour once you’ve gotten used to the change?! Maybe good to have a chat to your sister in law to see what her thoughts are – whatever you choose I’m sure you’ll look amazing 🙂 X

    Ps: LOVE the Kim K haircut – it’s stunning!!!!

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    1. I’m so influenced by seeing people on the street, if I see someone with pink hair I’m wishing that I had my pink hair back and often get to the stage where I’ve got the hair dye out to do it again, before being talked down (sounds like a suicide!) from my boyfriend… I wouldn’t mind doing it, but in a weeks time I’d see someone with ombre hair and feel the need to change again! Essentially I think I need a large wig collection to match my mood that day!

      I think I am settled on shay’s colour now (this was written a week ago!), it’s not too light so hopefully won’t cause too much damage! I’ll share pictures after it’s been done next week!


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      1. “Before being talked down” LOL 😀 Hilar Rach!!! Yep, sounds very much like my way off thinking – too many gorgeous styles to choose from. I was just about to concur that a wig collection sounds more like your thing – great minds eh?! hahaha Shay’s is beautiful – good choice! Looking forward to seeing your piccies 🙂 XXX

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  2. Ahhh I am a total hair obsessive and am frequently tempted to completely change my hair even though I have committed to red and regrowth. My long term hair lust is green. I adore it! Unfortunately so does my boyfriend who encourages me to go and do it and I have to talk myself out of it!

    If you’re worried about damage and maintenance the top one is definitely you’re best bet and it looks amazing! Knowing me though, I’d end up putting bright colours through the bleach within a month! I just can’t help myself… 😆 x


    1. I love green too, one of my friends at uni was green and/or blue and my mum always said she was surprised I never came back with green hair! Unfortunately I’m not classing the washed out purple to green saga as having gone green! I think that’s why I might like the first – I’ll have he option to colour it or add a few choppy slices through it should the mood strike me! Xx


      1. My favourite thing about blonde hair is how easy it is to mix up your colour. I love deep colours with brunette like purple and royal blue! I have intentionally put green in my hair twice and one time tried a baby blue which also went green as my hair was yellow blonde! I’ve wanted to dye my hair green all over since I was about 14, but have never done it! When I was blonde I was constantly putting colours through – I had red, orange, green, pink and blue! I’ve also had purple all over a year ago which I’m only a few inches away from having grown out! Can’t wait to have even hair colour haha! I need to avoid bleach for at least a year to get my length back though x

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