Rimmel Trend Spotting – Swatch & Review


I’ll keep this one short and sweet, I’ve discovered that unfortunately this line from Rimmel of the Lycra Pro polishes has been discontinued, there are some of these available on Amazon and Ebay if you’re interested!


Trend Spotting from Rimmel is a deep plum purple red, verging onto the edge of black this is just about as dark as I like nails on me. It’s a very vampy colour, the Lycra Pro range from Rimmel was amazing (I was trying to find where it was on the stand when I discovered that it didn’t exist any more).


The brush on this is amazing, hands down the best of any brush on any nail polish I’ve tried. The formulation is really glossy, featured here with no top coat (other than an accent topcoat on the ring finger’s of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust). And even better than that is that it stays on for ages without chipping, pictured here after 5 days of wear.


I’d recommend picking this up whilst you still can from Amazon and Ebay, as I adore this polish and formulation, why it’s been discontinued I do not know!

There is a Lycra line from Kate Moss, which seems to have replaced this line, however this shade isn’t in there, and I can’t comment as to whether the formulation competes as well as this one did!


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