Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 115 – Swatch & Review


When I bought this polish, it reminded me of OPI’s It’s a Trapeze, A polish which I really wanted when it came out but was sold out everywhere. And I must say on comparison with other swatches online, this is a pretty good dupe for It’s A Trapeze.


Although in the bottle it looks quite white, it’s actually very very pale grey base, that’s the only difference I’d say there is, that the OPI version is slightly whiter. The glitter in this is bright and multicoloured, it’s very eye-catching, and great for Spring and Summer. The base is quite unusual in that it it’s almost milky, covering some of the layers,. Which makes it look quite deep with the glitter almost creating different layers, that are out of focus and blurred beneath the surface.


2 Coats is enough to get this opaque and create the depth, the glitter is so dense in this that it’s no effort at all to get a completely even coverage. This as with most of the other Golden Rose polishes that I purchased whilst on holiday (all reviewed here). I’ve been seriously impressed with the Golden Rose line, all the polishes I picked up were somewhere in the region of £2.30 in Turkish Lira, it’s not an easy line to get hold of here in the UK, but not impossible, there are some sites which you can order from. If you’re into your nail polish and like trying different brands, I would thoroughly recommend giving Golden Rose a try.


Have you made any great product discoveries whilst on holiday?


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